Who has the best deals on private student loans?

student loan deal

Need a low interest, need less than 10k.

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Yeah, like you want to go to some strange foreign website, or respond to one of those “Hello Every Body” pitches from the con artists who frequent this section of Yahoo! Answers.

Start with They’ve been around forever, and they’re not selling you anything – they’re simply an informational website that keeps track of the loan rates that are being offered by the big and legitimate lenders. In fact, if you ever read articles in the paper or see stories on the news about “average” mortgage rates, chances are that you’ll notice that they’re crediting as their source for that info.

Bankrate has a page devoted exclusively to educational loans – from there, you’ll pick your state to narrow in on the loans that might be available to you.

By the way – don’t sign anything you don’t understand – if you’re not clear on what you’re agreeing to, be sure to consult with a knowledgeable financial consultant. Private educational lending may be a necessary evil for a lot of students, but you must understand that it has the potential to be a VERY EXPENSIVE proposition that will have significant financial repercussions on your lifestyle for many years to come. Make sure you understand how much your monthly payments will be – after all, you will be making these payments for anywhere from 10 to 25 years!

I hope that helps you – good luck!


With private student loans, everything is certified by your school, so if you want it to be specifically for your school expenses, you will need to go through your school to find out what company they use for private loans. The school can deny certifing a loan based solely on the reason that they do not use that company and will not certify. If they tell you that you can go through any company, the best way to look is to go online and call the companies because the interest rates are based on what your credit score is, if you choose to defer the loan and also on if you have a cosigner. There’s alot of factors that go into determing the interest rate for each student, it’s not automatic.


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