Where can I get a good student loan or student grant for my daughter?

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I need to see about getting a student loan or a student grant for my daughters college fees? What’s the best one?

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Make her do it, college is about education and preparing someone for the real world, what you are teaching her is that you’ll always be there to do to tough stuff.


check out fafsa free application for student aid or something like that. its free and will get some loan and grant money, but its never enough to pay for college. most lenders then want a co signer which most paren’ts arent financially set up to do now a days since college is soooo expensive. good grades will help with scholarships. good luck. dont listen to Red the transition to college, new town, new school, new friends, new everything. it has probably been the most freaky thing in my life and i’ve gone through a lot in a very short time. how i dont even really know. help her as much as you can.


Try That is where I am getting all my student loans and grants.


ALWAYS start with FAFSA. check out their website, it sounds like you are very new to this and dont have much info yet. you could also visit the financial aid office of your daughters college, but FAFSA is going to be your main starting point for any kind of educational funding for college


Before getting your 1st student loan..KNOW YOUR LOANS: FEDERAL VS. PRIVATE

Though federal and private loans are both eligible for consolidation, federal loans have superior rates and terms, which are set by the government. However, federal and private loans must be consolidated separately.

Federal Loans Have Favorable Terms

There are several types of federal loans that can be consolidated. These include:

* Stafford loan
* Perkins
* Parent PLUS
* Supplemental Loans for Students (SLSs)
* Health Professions Student Loans (HPSLs)
* Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDSs)
* Nursing Student Loans (NSLs)
* Health Education Assistance Loans (HEALs)

Different loans carry different interest rates. Some are fixed, some are variable. While it’s possible to consolidate fixed–and variable-rate loans, the primary advantage of consolidation is shifting your variable-rate loans to a fixed rate.
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