What is the absolute best deal on private student loans? which company should i use?

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Don’t do a private loan. They are evil and substandard. Federal loans have limits and restrictions for a reason. If you don’t meet those, then there are a lot more options besides predatory private student loan companies.
Good luck.


good advice. private loans are OK, if they are small (like less thank 2k)

if you need more, it is best to think about your priorities. i work with student loans, and used to consolidate private loans before i switched departments. i have dealt with many people on the repayment period of their loans, and it is easy to get out of control if you are not careful. even if you are careful, some things are out of your power to control.

a lot of what is available depends on the school.

i wont sell you on anything, but bank of america, citibank, teri, and nelnet are the main ones.

ask about the stafford loans first to make sure you have gotten everything you possibly can before resorting to these private loans.

good luck

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