Student loan debt and disability? (long)?


long story short,
I started college at age 18, and did ok for the first two semesters. I struggled to go to class and get through the day because I had some mental health disabilities. At age 22, I finallly got some help from professionals and have been pulled out of work and school. I have a hard time functioning with people and it caused me to have severe panic attacks and anxiety along with other things.
I am now 24 and have been seeing a cousnler for two years. I have been out of work and school for two years. I have been diagnosed with being bi-polar and having Borderline personality disorder. They say the anxiety and panic attacks are common among patients with those problems. They’ve tried medications on me, and every day is struggle to do the simplist things.

Many of the medications put me over the edge and i feel extremely suicidal and therefor come off them. ONly to be tried on another new medication. Currently they are trying me on Trileptal.

The point of asking this is:
I have about $20,000 in student loan debt and my husband works but makes right at the poverty line for our family. We make ends meet and pay the importnat bills each month (all the utilities and housing) we receive foods stamps and state funded medical insurance) which has allowed us to have a loan deferrment on our student loans, but we are now going to loose that ability to use that after another year.

Because I have a mental health disorder and have been told that It’s unlikely that i will ever be able to work, is there some kind of way to deal with these loans with a the involvement of my dr’s?
I have applied for SSD, but have not received it because
i’m in an appeal process. I was told most people are denied the first time around.

Any information is appreciated. I’m starting to stress over the bills pileing up.

And please dont ‘say go back to work. I become a nasty volitile person when out in public.


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Getting your federal student loans discharged because of a disability (especially mental health) is extremely difficult, but there is a process you can go through to see if you qualify. Here it is:

It would help your case if your appeal is approved. I would think that if the government says you are disabled and are getting SSI benefits you have a better chance of getting your student loan discharged.

Also be aware – the statement “unlikely” in reference to what your doctor says about your employment status does NOT help you. Unlikely indicates a glimmer of hope for you to go back to work. The Dr’s need to be convinced and be able to say you will NEVER work again. “Unlikely” will never get your loans discharged, or get you on disability benefits.

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