I have horrible credit and need a student loan, fast, how can i get help?

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I have horrible credit. I have a private student loan that someone co-signed for me. Her husband saw it on her credit report and wants it off now. So I need to find another lender that will deal with bad credit and get another loan to replace this one and it has to be done quickly. I’ve already tried to consolidate all my private loans but it’s a no go without a co-signer. So it’s just this one loan that I need to get changed. Is there a company that deals with bad credit and private student loan consolidation?
I have already used all my federal loans. Because of my husbands income I don’t qualify for alot. So I have to use private loans also.

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Why not go through the government and get student financial aid? All you need to do is fill out a FAFSA and they will let you know how much you can borrow.
There is no credit check for this kind of loan.

If I were you I would be VERY skeptical of any offers you are receiving on YA. The people below me posting about “legitimate” email addresses for a loan are most likely wanting to take your money not give you any. Please be careful and make sure where ever you get your loan that you clear it through the BBB before you do anything!
Best of luck.


You can try the following sites , or get help from an employer that will pay for you to go to school.

Lending tree advertise’s that bad credit is ok .


Am I wrong or do the guidelines say NO SOLICITING. The snake oil salesmen need to get off the site and let people who can offer constructive, helpful advice answer. I need some help on this matter too and would like some VALID info without some hocus pocus BS’er trying to push their worthless loan scam. Check out the web site below, use ctrl F (gives you the find function). I found a few of these jokers on that web site. Evidently it is some of them (maybe not all) are part of a scam. But thanks to those you who are trying to offer good advice.


Hi.We are a majorly a private loan firm though affiliated with the government. We are based in the UK. We can help you with a loan with an incredible longterm repayment plan.You can contact us on. A trial will convince you.NB;BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! Thank you.

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