How much student loan debt did the Obamas have?


They make a big deal of having so much student loan debt that it took them until their mid 40s to pay it off, but I find it hard to believe that these two brilliant people, who are also minorities, did not have many scholarships and grants available to them. In addition, these people are worth millions, and I feel like if their debt was that concerning to them they could have made paying it off a priority.

What do you think?
Creole Princess, if you were one of my students I would have to excuse you from class for failing to articulate your thoughts intelligently and respectfully. Your attitude is everything that is wrong with young people today. You’d better vote for Obama because you are going to need his welfare programs one day. Good luck, Princess. You’re going to need it.


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He paid it off after he wrote his first book.


I thinking since he even had his charge cards denied in 2000 he probably didn’t pay his bills or his student loans until the government really got tough.


Obama is a joke, ha, ha

say good night to the bad guy
December 12th, 2009 at 2:58 am

makes you wonder how he would handle the economy eh? it will be okay because he wont reach the whitehouse,his polls slipped again after that convention!

December 15th, 2009 at 7:59 am

They were struggling a bit until Barack had his book published and then they were able to pay off their loans.

Scholarships only go so far. I had lots of scholarships and was still over $20,000 in debt going to just a small college, not Harvard Law. Obama had lots of high paying job offers from his school mates but turned the big money down.


Probably not as much as this white girl… :/ $95k right here… oh yeah! I could /so/ buy a house in rural america for that… but no… I chose to spend it on my future instead… :/

Thanks Affirmative Action…. *gives thumbs up*


They may very well have gotten grants and scholarships, but they don’t always pay all the expenses, so sometimes students have to also take out loans.


I think your question is another attempt to throw mud
your candidates can not hold a candle to Obama/Biden


I think “why the heck is this an issue?”


it’s possible. I work at a doctors office and the doctor at my job had grants and scholarships and yet her loans are deferred over 30 yrs, school is expensive especially when u get into graduate programs


I think they don’t know how to manage money, if you graduate from harvard law school, companies are literally throwing money at you, how can a 2 lawyer family not pay their student loans, they must not be very good lawyers


He came from a single parent home which would have given him more opportunities to get grants. My daughter has student loans too but as a Registered Nurse she works for a visiting nurse associate that pays nothing because she wants to help people. Because she worked hard to get good grades, even though her husband had his own business, she was able to get scholarships to cover at least 3 semesters. But she wasn’t smoking dope or taking drugs while she was in school.
Between his wife and him they make enough money to pay off a few other kids loans.

creole princess2136
December 26th, 2009 at 11:55 am

I think that this does not concern you. Mind your business and stick to the issues.

Btw, you should focus on your candidate and how many houses he (and his elitist wife) own and why McShame was so senile that he could not answer such a simple question.


They were supposedly only about $120K combined which may sound like a lot to some people, but in terms of the money that they were pulling down they should have had no trouble paying those loans down in no time at all.
When Obama was a State Senator, he had that salary plus about $70K a year for a part-time job teaching one class at law school, plus a paid job at the Annenberg Chicago Challenge, and other jobs and sat on other boards that paid their members.
His wife also worked at jobs that paid over $100K.
They were easily making $200K to $300K annually.
This is the time that his credit card was denied.
You are correct that they dodn’t seem to make paying off their debts a priority.
What’s going on here?

Has anybody gotten his credit report?

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