How does student loan debt affect my credit score?

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I am at the final stage of paying off credit card balances. Just one more month, yippee!!!! I’ve also already paid off my car loan 7 months before the maturation date. Anyway, I still have close to $50,000 in student loan debts- federal and private. But that’s it. I have never had any major credit problems. Will all this student loan debt have a negative impact on my credit score and rating?
I always make the payments on time every month.

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August 19th, 2009 at 12:56 am

that is a lot of money in student loans. even though you pay your bills on time, just the fact that your overextended can hurt you.


You have the legal right to check your credit report once a year, from each agency, for free. So you could just find out your credit score. Some people check each of the 3 credit score agencies every 4 months, giving them a regular peek at how their credit is doing. Here is the link –


As unfair as it seems, they do lower your score abit. I have a pretty good score, but my student loans have affected it negatively alittle bit. When I asked about it, its because its such a long loan. Like, Sallie Mae gives you 10 years to pay it off. Even though thats not bad because its in agreement with Sallie Mae & that is very normal for a student loan, it counts as “too long to pay off a debt” on a credit score which I think is crazy.


read this mate. It will tell you all


Yes any loan and cc affects your credit if you don’t pay it on time. You can consolidate your student loan through students loan consolidation program. They are reliable
There are many benefits available for the students as you can extend your payment period upto 30 years and so on.
So consolidating your students loan would be a best option from my point of view


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