How did you deal with the stress of Student Loans?

student loan deal

Every time I think about them my stomach turns in knots…..any tips on how to stop this?

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Student loans are increasingly becoming a fact of life for students. The average bachelor’s degree involves student loan debt of about $23,000 nowadays, so the first step is to realize that you’re not alone.

In light of the current economy, it’s a natural feeling to be scared of whether or not you’ll be able to find a job to pay back your student loans, so try getting a little creative.

Have you heard of the Peace Corps. or AmeriCorps? They’re community-based service programs that offer great opportunities to do your part to help out in the world, and they offer great benefits to students with debt. PeaceCorps involves working outside of the country, while AmeriCorps lets you stay in the U.S.

These programs allow you to put your government loans in deferment while you’re in the program, so that you can gain valuable experiences volunteering, build up your resume, and even be given a modest living allowance – all while being exempt from having to pay back your debt. The government even offers partial loan forgiveness (meaning they erase some of your loan debt) for working for AmeriCorps for a certain amount of time.

Some government and non-profit jobs also offer loan forgiveness, and there are many employers who will pay your tuition if you decide to go back to school and get an advanced degree, which only improves your chances of landing a great job.

Shop around, do some Google searches, and be open-minded about the opportunities. There are many ways to handle your student loan debt that don’t involve swimming in it.

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