How can a student with bad credit go about getting a good student loan for University college?

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I am a student going to a community college on full scholarships. However, next fall I am planning to go to Mississippi State University. My problem is, even though I am only 19, I have already defaulted on a loan and stopped payments on a cellular phone contract. My credit isn’t even good enough to get a Wal-Mart card anymore. I am trying to get a hefty student loan to pay for my school expenses in my quest for higher learning. I would get a co-signer but no-one in my family has a good credit score either. So how would someone in my position go about getting a good loan for college?

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Having bad credit means you’re a bad risk. You should try to clean up your credit first. Would you loan money to someone that has a proven track record of not paying you back? I don’t think so.


According to my financial aid person they don’t expect you to have good credit to get a Stafford loan. You may not quailfy for a subsidized one with your credit but you’ll probably qualify for an unsubsidized one. Call your financial aid office and ask them how best to proceed.
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Try getting someone with good credit to cosign the loan.


Hello There,

these are very common questions i hear opn a daily basis as a student loan advisor..

When you are applyin gfor federal stafford or direct loans, there is no credit check required… This means you dont have to worry about where your credit is to qualify for a student loan…

Here’s what you can do to know exactly how much you can qualify for..

First feel free to take a look at my profile on yahoo 360

Also feel free to go to our website and apply online..

I would suggest if you have additional questions (which im sure you will) give me a call and i can walk you through the process online..

You can also feel free to email me at anytime as well..

Student Aid Lending is adminsitered by the Department of Education, and all of our programs (like any student laon lender) are also dictated by the federal government..

Good Luck to you!

Jason Fry
Student Aid Lending
1-800-964-0642 ext 114


Bad credit is one of the worst problems to have… however there exists a solution.

I will hereby talk from my personal experience.

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