Most schools will give you a refund. Here’s how it’s done.
Fill out the FAFSA, when you get all of that done, the finacial aid office will put together a financial aid pacakge for you, and state that the cost of attendance is a certain amount and they tell you how much you actually qualify for. For example my school is about 40,000 a year, and before outside loans i qualify for around $30,000. Then you go to sallime.com and apply for the rest of the money. The schol will then accept the rest (therefore in my case the school accepts $10,000 from sallie mae). The school then sends that money to the student accounts office. Student accounts then pays for your classes and whatever outright, then there is money leftover (usually because you arne’t living on campus or don’t have a meal plan or whatever). You sign a form at the beginning of the year asking for that amount (the refund amount), to be presented to you in the form of a check. Usually this check is given to you by the second MONTH of school. (usually in september). They either mail it to you or you pick it up. In my case i get about 5,400 per semester. Hope that helps. E-mail if you have any questions.

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