bad student loan they kept my tax return will i get any of it back?

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and how do i contact the goverment to work something out on this loan someone told me they will work out a deal with you on pennies on the dollar and will get anything of my tax retuen i filed for un earned income tax credit and i also heard i might get some of that others say no?

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You probably won’t get any of it back. They apply the tax return against the outstanding debt.

Check your credit report to get a contact address or phone number. The federal government guarantees the loan but probably is not the actual creditor.


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It depends on how much you owe and how much your refund check is. If there is any left after paying your obligation, then yes, you should get that surplus back. If not, then you will not be getting a refund this year. They do have to right to take your tax refund if you do not pay your student loans. Check with the IRS and see what they tell you. BTW, it will take a while to get anything back if you do have anything left. The get in no hurry! I will offer a bit of free friendly advice…if you cannot make your student loan payments, ask for a deferrment. They will usually help you out if you are unemployed or having a hard time. I have a student loan with CitiBank and they gave me a deferrment when my husband got laid off. Sorry! I hope things work out for you.

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