will i be able to Loan?

secured loan problem

ok about a two years ago i took out a secured loan to build my credit, that was paid in full and on time every month, the problem is just last fall i have been falling behind on credit card payments due to losing my job. my question is since i took out my secured loan and paid it off with no problems at all will my credit union give me another loan? i need it for a life change. pleze help im going on wednesday or thursday.

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It all depends on your credit score. Take a look at it. You can view at . The higher your score the better off your are going to be approved . If you were falling behind on your credit card payments recently, they will hurt your credit score. To give you an answer if you will get accepted for a loan or not is impossible. Just all depends on your credit score and how much you are asking and when you plan to pay it back.

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