Unsure about a Secured personal loan?

secured loan problem

I have ran into a problem and need a loan for the amount of 6,500 dollars…Here are the basics. My credit isn’t good but i do have collateral. I own a 2009 mazda 6 with like 3000 miles. The car is completely paid for.. Could i get a loan with a real bank..such as bank of america, region’s etc… Just don’t want to go into a bank and be embarrassed?

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There are banks that provide loans for secondary credit (Poor credit). USBank is one. The process seems to be slow in getting the loan.

I don’t know of any other banks that will loan to you. Worst case scenero you will need to go to a finance company.

The reason many banks willl not loan to you is because they are not collateral lenders, but they make loans on the customer’s ability to repay the loan through case flow and good credit.

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