minimum weekly wage to apply for a personal loan?

personal loan problem

What’s the minimum weekly wage you must earn to apply for a personal loan?has anyone had any problems applying for a loan?

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it depends on how much you want to borrow……generally the repayments if your single should not exceed 30% of your gross income and if married no more that 25%


The income requirement to apply and be approved for a personal loan depends on your credit history and the standards set by your bank/credit union. Even with good credit, if you’ve never taken out a large loan before, a lender may be hesitant to loan you a significant amount of money. Lenders always look a how much money other lenders are willing to lend you. Raising credit limits on credit cards where you have little or no balance would help. And also, the more income you have, the better. Also, having a checking and a savings account at the bank/credit union also helps.
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