nope – bad idea. instead of paying the debt service (with interest) just be responsible and save money.


just have savings taken from paycheck every month, don’t get a loan
with thinking like this it is easy to see why you aren’t good at saving money


Don’t do it, but pretend you did. You need to have the discipline to deduct the savings from your paycheck to “pay yourself first.” You don’t need a loan (and its interest) to force yourself to do this. Just do it.


A very expensive way of doing it.

Self discipline would be much better.

Perhaps you should see a psychologist so he can help you with avoid spending too much. It would probably cost the same as a loan.


Never go in debt in order to save.

Very bad idea.


That’s a good way to build up your credit, and start a savings, but it’s risky. If you do that, you have to make sure you resist the temptation to take it out and spend it on something. If you just let it sit in savings, have the payments automatically withdrawn from there. A few days before the payment is due, take your paycheck to the bank, and pay that months payment, that way if you forget to pay it out of your check, or you can’t afford to, you’ll already have the money in there. You’ll get a good amount of points on your credit score for never missing a payment, and you’ll have money incase times get rough. It’s definitely a good way to get started, but make sure you get a really good interest rate, so you’re not throwing too much money away.


if you can’t save now, why add more debt? Instead, have your bank automatically deduct a set amount from your checking and put it into a savings account each month or each payday.

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