if I appy for a loan and a person that You know work there and they have a personal problem with you, who can?

personal loan problem

I try for a loan. I notice that they give me th run a round. Why because i found out my neice work there, and that’s why I can’t get the loan.she don’t like me. How do I report her. She is the manger. A personal problem. And this is why i can’t get the loan.

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If you have good credit, just go to another bank for the loan


If it were me, I wouldn’t waste energy pursuing this. Possibly, the loan company or bank had a good reason for delaying or turning you down, independent of your niece’s feelings.

I would go to another bank or company, and try again. If I got turned down there, then I would know it wasn’t due to my niece. If I got accepted there, then I might have grounds for filing a complaint with the first company, but at that point, I would have the loan, so wouldn’t waste energy. Revenge is costly.

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