How do you obtain a personal loan from a bank?

personal loan

I need a personal loan to pay off my bills and basically just get caught up financially, and is considering going to a bank and asking for a personal loan for the first time. Other than student loans, car loans, and check-n-go stores, I’ve never went into a bank to ask for money because I didn’t think I would qualify. Now I need to know what the whole loan process would require from me.

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CEO of Sovereign Consolidated
April 11th, 2009 at 10:44 am

The only people that can answer this is your bank

Go talk to them


You never will know if you don’t apply. If you belong to a credit union try there first. Try not to go for the “big” name banks, they have no people skills


Go to Prosper.com and sign up to borrow money, fill all the stuff out, and they’ll tell you approx where your credit stands. They’ll also tell you at what rate you can borrow money from the lenders on their site, which are regular people just like you and me. Once you know all this, you can figure out if you qualify at a bank. Check out bankrate.com to see…..bank rates.

If you decide to go to a bank they’ll definitely want to confirm your employment and income, maybe see your taxes from last year. Contact references, and definitely run a credit check.


Prosper.com is a good option. Click the link below for a quick way to get there. If you sign up, I can probably help you with other details as well.

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