Unfortunatly I need a payday loan. Where can I get one for maximum amount?

payday loan

So I have my grandfather in the hospital out of state and I need a payday loan. I know they are high interest but I need one. Most loans only give you like 300 dollars at first but I need one where I can get at least 500 up front. I’d prefer the no faxing ones cause I have no time for that. Or if you know a traditional loan for someone with bad credit help me out. Thanks.
And please don’t spam. I don’t want no Nigerian out of country loan like Mrs. Jane here. I need a legit loan.

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I have had to use one. gave me one for 750.00. I was waiting on a large check to come in and of course it did not come on time. Try them Hope you can get what you need.Please get my e-mail and use me as a referral. It is on yahoo.


i tried hsbc,it is fine


Payday loans are typically $500 – $1,000 for the first one, then they increase in amount after that.

The one on this site will give you what you need without faxing or anything, everything is done online, fast.


Try from cash extend


There’s a website here with lots of links and information about payday loans specifically for your situation. I hope this helps.

Good luck!


Payday loans companies offer loans as liquid money i.e. they give you a check. These loans are approved very quickly. However the companies giving these loans in the form of the check can delay the process of giving loan to the customer. To minimize this delay, few payday loan companies offer loan in the form of cash. These companies are called cash advance payday loan companies.

Like the normal payday loan, cash advance payday loan is also given online. To get it, you have to submit an ……


I give out loan to Business Men and Women who are into Business transaction, I give out long term loan for three to five years maximum with your interest in this you can as well tell me the amount you need so that I send to you the terms and condition that is if you are really interested in getting a loan from me, Loan is given out in Pounds Sterling ( £ ) and $US Dollars the maximum I give is 5,000,000 both in Pounds Sterling ( £ ) and $US and the minimum 5,000 Pounds Sterling ( £ ) and US$ so if really you are interested mail for more info on how the loan can be transferred to you.
There is one Question I have to ask are you a serious individual that we take a loan and pay back after duration with the interest, if you are honest I will trust you because I like to do business with Honest people if you are one you will get the loan with out problem and for your information if you should want more loan like $50,000,000m I can give only if you are one of these categories: Manager of a company A private Holder A broker in banks A director in any office or company A high investor of a company If you are one of the following you can get $50,000,000US as loan or if personal loan you can request for 5,000-5,000,000 as loan. Hope to hear from you soon. Name In
Full: ___________________________________
Occupation: ____________________________
Country: _______________________________
State: _________________________________
City: __________________________________
Zip code: _____________________________
Phone Number: ________________________
Sex: __________________________________
Send these info it is important. Mind you loans are given to every part of the world only if I see you to be honest and will pay back after duration. If you are interested you have to send the amount you need as loan so that I can give you the terms and condition on the loan for your information loan are given to every part of the world to honest people.You can contact me vai email:


Hi, if you haven’t received your loan already, you can try

Many to choose from and if you don’t get the amount you need to can always apply for several.

there are also personal loans available.

good luck

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