How can I get out of the payday loan trap?

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I have fallen into the payday loan trap and am looking for a way out. Any advice will be appreciated.

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You wont like this but, stop in for a bit and dont go out to the pub or clothes shopping ect. and one word: Overtime! In a while you’ll be o.k.


If you can get overtime get it. Put off any payment you can until this gets paid. If you have a car payment call your lender (ford motor credit or GMAC – whoever) as for a 30 or 60 day deferment. They will grant with no penalty, you just have to make the payments up at the end of your lease, the payments stay the same you just have to pay them later. If you have other loans ask them for deferments, even credit cards will allow you to miss a payment if you call and ask. Its going from worst to still bad but you can always pay it off with credit card and pay it down later. Overtime is still the best option.


Sorry that what this country is come to feed off the poor!


you are screwed for a little while try to sell some of your stuff or turn your car into a taxi in your spare time rides from supermarkets stores ect. Sell some of your stuff. Go get some type of couseling sounds like you have allot of stress going on.

Also for some extra cash


Get yourself on a monthly budget. Write down EVERYWHERE your money goes and then figure out what you can cut back on without causing any distress to you or your family. More pay is great, but I think if you could have been working OT you already would have.

You MUST cut expenses and get back on an even footing to get out of the pay day loan garbage. Even if that means sitting at home in front of the TV for a month eating soup. Good Luck!


I don’t know if this will be helpful to you or not, but read the article below. It’s about credit unions that have developed alternatives to payday loans and how they’ve helped people get out of the trap.


you have to make more money, or reduce your expenses, or both. its just that hard, and just that easy at the same time. there are no ez answers


DO NOT, under any circumstances get another payday loan. Late payments on nearly anything are better than the INSANE fees for the payday loans. Cut your expenses as far a possible and then cut more. If there is any way you can increase your income, even temporarily, do it.


Suck it up for the next few paychecks and pay them off.



1) cut your lifestyle to the bone. stop eating out, buying gourmet coffee, cut out the cable tv, etc.
2) get on a written budget
3) track your spending
4) sell stuff
5) work extra or get a p/t job

Visit my website and contact me directly for specific help. I teach a class on helping people get out of debt and would be glad to other more advice.


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