I know there are laws out there to protect you from this predtator find some free legal counseling around your area and see what say about that. The will send you to collections and they can ultimately sue you….but you and your family are more important than these people so don’t let them take away your sleep, change your phone number.


Didn’t you read the rules when you got the payday advance – I’m sure everything was spelled out in writing – of course they can sent it to collections – why is paying it back in halves so outrageous? – normally you have to pay it back in full with your next paycheck after getting the loan


The laws vary state to state, and the application of the laws depends greatly on each payday loan company. The contract you signed when you took out the loan would be the best place to start – it should have all of the terms fairly easily laid out.

At the payday loan store I work at in AZ, we do our own collections for a few months, and then if we can’t make contact with the customer and they never come in to make any payments, we send them to an outside collection agency – at that point is when it would probably affect your credit. For our locations in other states, I know that they skip the collection agency altogether and just take the customer to small claims court.

I would advise you to definitely stay in contact with them and make the largest payments you can make, even if that means borrowing money from a couple of family members. You really don’t want to be sent to a collection agency or taken to court, because neither of those are very attractive options.

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