no credit check loan

When you go to your local bank or lending institution and ask for a loan, many of them will be able to give you an answer in a matter of seconds. You may think this is because they have not done a credit check before offering you the loan. You will then be surprised to know that many institutions will have already pre approved you for a loan. This is especially true if you are an existing customer of theirs for a savings account, insurance or some other financial product.

If you are truly looking for a loan without a credit check, the easiest option will be from friends or family or someone that will have some trust in your ability to pay them back. This loan will most likely not have any interest attached. If borrowing from friends and family it is definitely a good idea to have the loan formalised to protect both parties. Even if its just writing it down and both signing what has been agreed.

Most institutions will not lend without some sort of credit check. Even if its just proof of your address and identity. This would preferably be the minimum required to borrow any sort of cash.

Local loan shops or pawn brokers will offer you cash for your possessions. This could be an easy way of borrowing money if you have any valuables for collateral. You will lose your collateral if you fail to pay back the loan. The pawn broker makes money from you by selling your goods or from you returning more money than you borrowed.

A local loan shark may also be an option if you are really desperate. But if you choose this option you may regret it. Loan sharks may threaten you with violence and abuse if you fail to make their repayments. Most loan sharks operate outside of the law.