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secured loan problem

We have applied with one lender. Our home is paid for, our credit is excellent our debts are low and income is very adequate for the amount that we would like to borrow. The lender came back with 10.7 interest. Couldn’t believe it we qualified for 3.9 interest on our depreciating truck purchase that we bought this time last year. How is this interest rate figured? I thought being a secured loan and also great credit there would be no problem of getting around 6.5 Could someone explain this? We do intend to shop further. Thanks in advance.

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secured loan

Secured loans are available in the market at pretty low and attractive rates. It is the best option of loan for people who own their home and feel the need for personal loan. It requires the borrower to provide the lender with some form of security. In case of secured loans, the security will be the borrower’s property, regardless of whether it is mortgaged or owned outright. Loans secured against property that is already mortgaged are known as second charges, whereas loans secured against a property owned outright with no existing mortgage in place are known as first charges.

It acts as a proficient debt management tool because it is possible to spread loan payments to term of up to 25 years. As with secured loan the lender is guaranteed to recover his money in any circumstance and the APR tends to be as less as 6.9% compared to any other loan. Secured Loans are made available for many different purposes and are ideally suited for large amounts ranging from £5,000 up to £2,50,000 with any purpose with repayment terms between 5 to 25 years, as well as providing the most appropriate professional advice to you at all times.

The wide range of secured loans offered is Secured Consolidation Loan, Secured Homeowner Loan, Fast Secured Loan, Best Secured Loan and Cheap Secured Loan. You know where to look back when others have refused you for loans owing to your bad credit history, mortgage arrears, CCJs, no proof of income. To simplify the whole process of loan application, online tool has been designed to apply directly.

Secured loan rates are of two types:

Based on your financial circumstances and convenience, you can choose the type of interest rate and avail the loan.

Fixed rate: With such loans, you pay the loan at a fixed rate of interest. The advantage with this option is that the monthly installment will not be affected with the change in loan market rates.

Variable rate: If you take secured home loans at a variable rate, your repayments will be affected with the change in the financial market.

Online queries are handled quite professionally by secured loan experts and they also provide all the information related to your financial predicament and offer a wide range of loan solutions.

Today, a borrower has extensive information on secured loans and tips to obtain a low rate loan available on the net. With the online route available, one can easily get the loans approved. This in turn saves a lot of time and effort on the side of the borrower which would have otherwise got wasted hunting for a lender. A borrower’s motto should be to take a loan which carries the lowest interest rates. For this, he/she should make a complete research of the prevailing interest rates in the markets so that he/she does not get cheated by the home loan lender.

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Secured Loans: Common Questions, Answered

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secured loan

Secured loans can be an efficient short or long-term funding solution for UK homeowners. If you are in need of money and have equity in your property, you are eligible to apply for a secured loan. Secured loans are sometimes called “second mortgages” as they rank after your mortgage as security to the lender. Secured loans must be registered as a Charge on your property title at the Land Registry.

Why seek a secured loan rather than an unsecured loan?

The strong growth in UK house prices over recent years has meant that many homeowners have built up substantial equity in their properties. Secured loans are simply a flexible way for homeowners to release some of this equity. Compared with an unsecured loan, a secured loan has a lower interest rate as you are putting your home up as security. The lender will be very confident that the loan will be repaid. Another advantage is that secured loans offer more flexible terms of repayment than unsecured loans. For example, the loan term can be for a longer time period enabling your monthly repayments to be kept down. Secured loan terms can be from 3 to 25 years – it can sit alongside your mortgage if you wish or you can pay it off sooner. If you’re in need of a large sum of money, a secured homeowner loan can range from £5,000 up to £1 million. Unsecured loans are normally capped at £25,000.

What can I use a secured loan for?

A secured loan can be used for any purpose. A secured debt consolidation loan can help you refinance expensive debt, such as credit cards or bank overdrafts, on to a much lower interest rate. A secured home loan can be used to finance substantial home improvements to add value to your property, such as an extension or a new kitchen.

Why choose a homeowner loan rather than a remortgage?

A mortgage is your cheapest form of borrowing and if you want to raise a significant amount of money it is therefore logical that you should first consider a remortgage. However, your current mortgage may be arranged on advantageous terms or have an onerous early redemption fee. Redeeming your mortgage may just not make financial sense. In these circumstances it may be wise to leave your mortgage alone and use the flexibility of a secured loan, especially if the interest rate is only a little higher than your mortgage rate. Finally, a secured loan can be completed in less than 20 days – somewhat faster than a remortgage – and at a lower cost. Remortgaging normally requires that you pay certain fees, such as a discharge fee, a valuation fee, a title insurance fee or an administration fee.

Can I safeguard my loan or mortgage payments against unforeseen events?

You can take out payment protection against specific events, such as unemployment, sickness or disability through Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). Remember that PPI is not always suitable for your individual circumstances and independent advice should always be sought before buying this product. Should the insured event take place, the policy will cover your payments for a fixed period of time, such as 12 months. You should also consider buying sufficient life assurance such that in the event of the death of the household’s main bread-winner, the loan or mortgage will be paid off by the insurance company.

How can I apply for a secured loan?

You have the choice of going direct to the lender or going to an intermediary, usually a finance broker. If you have shopped around and know what you want, you can apply direct to the lender via phone, internet, post or walk into their branch office. If you prefer to seek the advice of a finance broker you may benefit from their expertise in deciding what product and which lender is most suitable for you. This will be particularly true if your circumstances are unusual and you require a specialist product. It is also possible that a finance broker can find you a better deal as some products are only available through intermediaries.

How long does the secured loan application process take?

Depending on circumstances and personal needs, you may obtain a secured loan within 2-4 weeks. But, of course, each case is different. Normally, the consent of the first mortgage lender is required to register the secured loan on your property title and so the lender is unlikely to proceed before consent is obtained.

What factors may negatively influence the secured loan application?

When you apply for a loan it is normal that you will be asked to consent to a search at a Credit Reference Agency, such as Experian or Equifax. The purpose is to avoid fraud and for the lender to assess your credit worthiness. Some factors may have an adverse effect on the secured loan application, such as:

Bankruptcy or Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Low income or self-certification of income

Mortgage or rental arrears

Frequent job changes

Frequent address changes

High indebtedness

Court judgments

But even with a poor credit record, you have a good chance of obtaining a secured loan providing you have plenty of equity in your property. However, you may be asked to pay a higher interest rate if your credit score is low.

Is it important to seek independent, impartial advice?

There are literally thousands of loan and mortgage products available. As we only tend to purchase financial products infrequently, you will not know which products are available or suitable without a serious research effort. For this reason, we believe that most people should seek independent, impartial advice, especially as mortgages and secured loans normally represent a substantial commitment. This should not cost you any more as the advisor is normally paid directly by the lender.

What are the drawbacks of a secured loan?

Although there are many benefits of a secured loan, there are some drawbacks that should be mentioned. In cases where a borrower fails to repay a loan, the property could be taken into possession and sold. Borrowers can also be tempted to borrow large sums for long periods without appreciating the commitment to repay a significant amount of interest, even when interest rates are low.

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secured loan problem

Need immediately 130,000 to pay off IRS so we do not lose our home. Have until March 30. Need one year to pay back loan. Have credit problems. No offer too bazaar! dennymag@gra.midco.net Grand Forks, ND
Home paid for 10 years ago for collateral

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secured loan problem

I was trying to consolidate my debt and the personal loan that i took out is a secure loan. I do not have problems paying my loan on time, but i need to find a lender who will make me a loan for the amount i owe now so i can get my car title back. I don’t have the best credit so i’m having a difficult time. Any help out there!!!!!!

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secured loan

If you are looking for a bigger amount, then it is preferable to apply for Secured Loans. These types of loans require your property as security for the loan approval.

To avail secured loans you are required to produce any valuable asset of yours such as home, car, stocks or any valuable documents as security against the loan amount. These assets act as a security for the lenders. The amount approved under this loan is mainly depends on the value of the property. Therefore security of higher value will give you a bigger amount.

The amount obtained under this loan can be used for various personal purposes like purchasing a car, home renovation, consolidating debts, educational purposes, holiday, wedding and many more. The lenders would not restrict you regarding the utilization of the loan.

Under secured loan you can borrow a large amount of money for your all kinds of needs. Generally the loan amount starts from £5000-£75000. This type of loan has the main benefits of long repayment periods. The amount obtained can be repaid conveniently within a period of 5- 25 years. Since you get the amount against security, interest rate of the loan is very low. Therefore secured loans are cheap in nature.

Bad creditors who are struggling with arrears, bankruptcy, unpaid debt, late payments and defaults can also avail secured loan with ease. They can pledge security and acquire the same benefits as good credit borrowers enjoy.

Borrowers can benefit a lot from an online search for this loan. Free quotes can be requested from the lenders and a comparison can be done so that the best deal can be selected from the lot.

Now you can fulfill all your financial requirements with a bigger amount of money by providing a security. Longer term of repayment and low interest rate are main advantages of these loans.

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secured loan problem

I’m looking for purchase an Anytime Fitness franchise. I’ve never owned a business before, but am eager, ready, and know a great location. The problem is that I don’t have the initial funding to begin. Do I go the bank for a loan? Is that easy? Other ideas?

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secured loan

Although the loan market has provided us, customers, with a diverse collection of loans, Secured Loans are among the few loans that have gained outstanding, ever increasing popularity with the common people, rather than with the business class. Secured Loans are easy to obtain, they offer low interest rates and flexible repayment terms. To make a Secured Loan seem fair to the lenders too, they necessitate placement of collateral. At the end, Secured Loans are ideal solutions to any fiscal problem that needs attention.

Features of Secured Loans:


Secured Loans are also referred to as Secured Personal Loans because they are Personal Loans that need to be secured on an asset commonly known as “collateral.” Collateral is a mandatory feature when any loan is “secured.” It can be in the form of real estate – a house, property, etc. or also in the form of an operative bank account, jewellery, an automobile, etc. Collateral of higher value will enable you to avail of a higher loan amount. The basic idea of collateral arises so as to give the lender or creditor some kind of assurance that the loaned amount will be repaid. This is why collateral remains in the lender’s custody until complete repayment of the Secured Loan. While on the topic, something worth mentioning is that in case you default in your monthly repayments, the lender can seize or confiscate your collateral

·Low Interest Rate:

The presence of collateral puts a Secured Loan lender in a comparatively complacent position and this is why Secured Loans offer low interest rates compared to other Personal Loans like the Unsecured Personal Loans. Interest rate is commonly termed as APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and it ranges from 6% to 25% depending on the loan amount, value of collateral, credit history and your repayment capability. Since, interest is what determines how feasible a loan is, Secured Loan are a better option.

·Loan Amount:

Being secured and being a preferred option for most lenders, Secured Loans make a larger amount available to it’s borrowers. A typical Secured Loan amount ranges from £5,000 to £75,000. The amount that is finally approved also depends on value of collateral, credit history and financial standing of the borrower.

·Loan Term:

Secured Loans have flexible repayment options that can suit your personal financial standing. In fact, Secured Loans are customized to your requirements. Based on your loan amount, your collateral value, credit history and interest rate, you and your lender choose your loan term. A loan term for Secured Loans generally ranges from 3 to 25 years. Your monthly payments will in turn depend on the loan term selected for you.

·Credit history:

Good credit history helps you avail of a Secured Loan with a higher amount. On the other hand, although bad credit doesn’t stop you from getting a Secured Loan, it limits the amount. However, as Secured Loans are backed by collateral, most lenders approve them even in cases of C.C.J’s, defaults, bankruptcies and arrears. This makes Secured Loans available to those who would otherwise not qualify for a loan from their local bank.

Secured Loans are approved as soon as your collateral is evaluated and also after a credit check is carried out. This is why a Secured Loan is so easy to obtain. Based on what all Secured Loans offer, there is now a financial solution for the employed, the self employed and the unemployed, too.

Always remember you should consider your financial position, the amount to borrow and the repayment option you will be able to afford. Based on them, look for a lender who provides the best possible offer. Take informed decisions with proper guidance from experts as they will have a wider opinion on the matter. Do the calculations yourself. The amount to be repaid includes the actual amount, interest and other fees charged by the lender. Try to repay your loans as soon as possible. Paying more means paying faster! Take an active part in choosing your repayment options. Ultimately, it’s customized specially for you!!

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secured loan

In the UK, many lenders have tightened up their lending criteria due to which now the loan seekers may not be able to get a personal unsecured loan to consolidate their debts, but that does not mean you will not be able to get a secured loan. As the loan applicants will be required to offer security, like a home, lenders are more comfortable with offering the money to the loan seekers.

Nowadays, the borrowers may be aware that a number of secured loan providers have actually withdrawn from the marketplace. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are still lenders out there who will be prepared to lend the required amount against the security pledged. Nevertheless, if a borrower approaches a secured loan provider himself, he may end up being unpleasantly surprised by the lending rate they quote to him.

Be cautious of being seduced by that typical APR quoted in secured loans advertisement. Always remember, there is no guarantee that the borrower will get the rate mentioned in the advertisement. With the objective of being able to quote the rate they do, lenders are only required to offer that interest rate to at least two-thirds of the customers they accept as the borrowers.

In such cases, the brokers could be of great help for the clients as they simply reduce the hits on the credit record. Also, being a borrower, if you are shopping around for a secured loan then it should be remembered that if you approach several lenders at once, you are potentially damaging your ability to get the loan you want at an interest rate you are going to be contented with.

The best secured loan is a powerful financial tool to help the persons in need to get their finances on an even keel. However, they should think very carefully before putting their property against the loan amount. The borrowers must be absolutely sure that they are going to be able to afford the pay-offs, otherwise they could lose the roof over their head.

But, if a secured loan is the right way forward, a borrower can structure it so that he can clear all the expensive credit card debt he finds himself carrying over a set period, and be sure that he will be debt-free when the loan is repaid. Rather than re-mortgage and be paying off the debt over the term of mortgage, the borrower can also arrange a secured loan for a shorter period so that he can easily clear the debts much more quickly.

A secured loan may be right for you or it may not be so. However, to get the right secured loan, the borrower should seek out a lender himself and compare the various available deals to get the best secured loan.

However, the advantage of using a broker is that it enables the borrowers to shop around through the products of several lenders without creating a situation of multiple credit applications. A fast secured loan broker may also be in a position to offer you a better deal than going directly to a lender as a result of special deals that the broker may have negotiated with the loan providers. Such loan arrangers help the borrowers to sort out their debt problems.

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secured loan

Does anyone know how long it takes from the application to receipt of money for a secured loan?

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