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I know a loan broker and Realtor in California (Bay Area) who is running the “I buy your foreclosure and you rent it back from me, and you can buy it back when you’re on your feet” scam. He is also looking for someone to alter bank documents to help him qualify people for loans. I know the second issue is illegal, but can’t prove he’s defrauding people on the first. I have a “Dear Homeowner I can help you” letter from him. Do not want to testify because of safety concerns for my family. Who I can I or should I report this to in confidence, or will anyone care? Thanks in advance for any solid advice.

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homeowner loan

Or another loan I can use to buy a 14000 dollar car. My credit isnt very good, so I was wondering if being a homeowner could help me…

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homeowner loan

Many a times you combat with such circumstances that leave no sign in disturbing your financial health completely. You run out of funds to meet your daily needs and requirements. As it is you have no control over the phases of your life, you tend to go berserk with such adversity coming eventually.

During such a phase, your home proves to be a source of blessing to help your finances improve. You can obtain homeowner loans to start afresh and bring back your good days. No wonder it’s risky in pledging your home to the lender, but if it can provide you with the opportunity to take a stand again, you shouldn’t be bothered with that risk.

This financial help depends on the weightage of equity your home holds. Home equity stands for the actual worth of your home in the market. It keeps on increasing with the improvements a homeowner undertakes to increase its value in the market. So, your home condition along with the kind of investment done on it decides for your homeowner loans.

Your home is a door to new beginnings when trampled with your finances. You can make the most with this financial help generated from your home. You can pay off all your debts or take care of your kid’s college fees or enhance your business which was plummeting down and many more. Funds arranged from your home can prove worthwhile if used smartly.

Such aid comes with various benefits like low interest rates, easy monthly repayments, longer time duration, choice of interest as flexible, fixed or capped. Many lenders provide with additional benefits like repayment holidays, deferred repayments and accelerated repayments. You just have to shop around to click with the best deal suiting with your situation.

Most importantly, don’t miss upon your repayments. Just because of your slackness, you can wash your hands off from your home. If lenders won’t get payments on their terms and conditions, they can repossess your home. So, be very particular while opting for homeowner loans.

Sell and Rent Back
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homeowner loan

I want to start networking a lot. How do you go about getting started and where is the best place to go.

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homeowner loan

Taking credit is not new to the human race. It probably started with the advent of money. Besides its economic functions and capacities, money has social and psychological influences too. Due to its power to enhance self-esteem and status, people have always been borrowing money for various reasons. Previously, in the absence of an organised loan market, money was usually borrowed for critical financial needs.

However, as desires increased, the need to take credit also increased, and people started negotiating for better deals. Consequently, the lenders and the regulatory authorities had to sit-up and workout deals and policies in favour of all. Now a borrower is a usual consumer in a usual market. People take credit not only for major financial requirements but for routine expenses and convenience too. By and large, the decisive factors are the interest rates, repayment terms and loan clauses.

It is a well-known fact that a home or property owner can easily get a loan application approved by taking advantage of his worthy assets. By offering something substantial as collateral, one can gain maximum benefits – lower interest rates (APR) and comfortable repayment terms along with grace period or payment holidays or early pay offs. For this reason, homeowner loans are progressing fast on the priority list of both the borrowers and lenders.

Being a homeowner greatly reduces the risks involved in any financial transaction. Whether or not an asset or assets are used as collateral for a particular loan, homeowner status unofficially guarantees repayment. There are legal processes other than repossession that can force the borrower to sell his property to repay the loan in the event of default.

Homeowner loans are most appropriate when one needs a large amount of money, is facing difficulty in getting an unsecured loan, or has a poor credit record. Besides the usual secured, unsecured and bad credit categorisations, the homeowner loans cater specific needs too – First time homeowner loans; Personal homeowner loans; Construction homeowner loans; Debt consolidation homeowner loans and many more. Homeowner loans are also worth considering for a business start-up, property purchase, new car and holiday. One must remember that homeowner loans take longer to approve, as the lender needs to evaluate the asset.

As we all face unexpected expenditures time and again, choosing wisely becomes imperative. These days, the market offers a wide range of loan options to choose from. But, if you are looking for the most simple loan type then homeowner loans is the option to examine.

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mortgage fraud

Please explain
Realtor appraiser, banking Department ,Hud,Builders are all worried now after so many of them defraud people out of their homes I am so happy they are getting the lose now see how it feels.


Read this link



































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Secured Homeowner Loans: Ray of Hope

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homeowner loan

Numerous loan schemes are introduced and are meant to execute different related purposes. You are also looking for a loan that can provide you multiple benefits at low cost. If so then consider the Secured Homeowner Loans. It is collateral related loan scheme and the eligibility criterion is possessing property. The collateral should embody the security of the loan deal by carrying monetary value.

This loan proposes amount that is whopping, and suitable to execute miscellaneous demands. In this loan, applicants can extract amount between £5,000 and £1,00,000 with an elongated repayment option. The reimbursement duration graces from 10-25 years. All the benefits are offered without any discrimination of bad credit issues. So, if you are struggling with any bad credit tag like CCJs, defaults, arrears, late-payments, you can borrow the funds. The funds carry a reasonable rate of interest which is tabled in a manner that applicants easily borrow and repay.

The home-owners with the funds can meet miscellaneous personal demands. Demands like buying an expensive and luxurious car, weddings, going for exotic destinations, children’s education and respectively can be easily be executed. Debtors can consolidate the multiple debts and bad credit persons can revive the credit profile.

Innovative steps are adopted to provide the loan and make service better and for this reason the e-application widget is introduced. Applicants by considering the online application method can access the amount within less time and without being followed the lengthy process of paper-work.

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homeowner loan

Firstly, what is a homeowner loan? In fact, it is exactly the same as a secured loan and as the name suggests, you need to own your own home to be able to borrow money from a lender in this way. This means that you must have a mortgage on the property you live in and nearly always, you will be need to have a proportion of equity available in the property, to secure the loan against.

In this way, the lender has guaranteed that in the event of you defaulting on the loan and in the worst case scenario, they have to force a sale of the property, they will be able to get their money back.

In today’s modern, consumer-oriented world, the vast majority of homeowners have a mortgage and therefore, there are many people who will qualify for this type of loan. The lender will take into account a number of factors from the application, which may include the affordability of the loan, whether there is enough equity as we discussed earlier and how much (if any) adverse the applicant has.

Whilst the level of adverse is an important factor, it may not necessarily stop you from taking out a secured homeowner loan in the future. Examples of types of adverse are:-

- Loan arrears or defaults

- Mortgage arrears or defaults

- Late payments

- CCJ’s

- A high number of loan applications in recent days, weeks or months leading to a lowered credit rating

There are others of course, but these may be amongst the main ones.

Adverse suggests that you may be a higher risk for the lender than an applicant who has a clean payment record. The lender can still offer to lend you the money you need but you may expect that the level of equity that you have in your property may need to be higher than would otherwise be the case or that you may be asked to accept a slightly higher interest rate or even a lower amount than you originally wished to borrow.

It all very much depends on the circumstances and the lender’s criteria as some are more strict than others. You will need to apply in the first instance, to see whether you are accepted or not.

What Could I Use The Money For?

There may be different rules for loans for commercial or business use, these aside, you should be able to use the money for any personal purpose. Things like:-

- Debt consolidation

- Home improvements

- A new car, motorbike or caravan

- A luxury, far-off holiday

- A wonderful wedding with all the trimmings

You could probably think of a number of other amazing uses for your loan, but your lender will normally be absolutely fine with any of the above and many more besides.

In fact, it’s very easy to apply for a homeowner loan. There are many online lenders and brokers to choose from. Just complete the online enquiry form which will be accessible on their site. This should only take a minute or so. Then submit the information and you may well find that you will have a loan consultant calling you with a decision in principle within only a few minutes. They will then send a credit agreement out in the post for you to sign and return together with a number of other documents to assist with your application. These may include:-

- Proof of ownership of the property

- Proof of income

- Proof of citizenship of the UK

- Proof that you live there (a utility bill for instance)

There may be other things as well of course, but these may depend on what you are looking to do and on the criteria of your chosen lender.

Either way, you may well have the funds within a couple of weeks, so don’t let the fact that you have adverse stop you from applying. It’s always worth asking the question. You never know, you may have been worrying all of this time completely unnecessarily.

This article is free to distribute but please maintain existing links in the article. Thanks you.

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homeowner loan

I’m unemployed and I would like to loan money-but I am not a homeowner.Where should I apply to?By the way,I live in the UK.

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homeowner loan

Just curious! Which one would be more beneficial to the home owner (buyer)? To pay extra on the principal every month or to pay one large sum at the end of the calendar year?

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