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homeowner loan

Firstly, what is a homeowner loan? In fact, it is exactly the same as a secured loan and as the name suggests, you need to own your own home to be able to borrow money from a lender in this way. This means that you must have a mortgage on the property you live in and nearly always, you will be need to have a proportion of equity available in the property, to secure the loan against.

In this way, the lender has guaranteed that in the event of you defaulting on the loan and in the worst case scenario, they have to force a sale of the property, they will be able to get their money back.

In today’s modern, consumer-oriented world, the vast majority of homeowners have a mortgage and therefore, there are many people who will qualify for this type of loan. The lender will take into account a number of factors from the application, which may include the affordability of the loan, whether there is enough equity as we discussed earlier and how much (if any) adverse the applicant has.

Whilst the level of adverse is an important factor, it may not necessarily stop you from taking out a secured homeowner loan in the future. Examples of types of adverse are:-

- Loan arrears or defaults

- Mortgage arrears or defaults

- Late payments

- CCJ’s

- A high number of loan applications in recent days, weeks or months leading to a lowered credit rating

There are others of course, but these may be amongst the main ones.

Adverse suggests that you may be a higher risk for the lender than an applicant who has a clean payment record. The lender can still offer to lend you the money you need but you may expect that the level of equity that you have in your property may need to be higher than would otherwise be the case or that you may be asked to accept a slightly higher interest rate or even a lower amount than you originally wished to borrow.

It all very much depends on the circumstances and the lender’s criteria as some are more strict than others. You will need to apply in the first instance, to see whether you are accepted or not.

What Could I Use The Money For?

There may be different rules for loans for commercial or business use, these aside, you should be able to use the money for any personal purpose. Things like:-

- Debt consolidation

- Home improvements

- A new car, motorbike or caravan

- A luxury, far-off holiday

- A wonderful wedding with all the trimmings

You could probably think of a number of other amazing uses for your loan, but your lender will normally be absolutely fine with any of the above and many more besides.

In fact, it’s very easy to apply for a homeowner loan. There are many online lenders and brokers to choose from. Just complete the online enquiry form which will be accessible on their site. This should only take a minute or so. Then submit the information and you may well find that you will have a loan consultant calling you with a decision in principle within only a few minutes. They will then send a credit agreement out in the post for you to sign and return together with a number of other documents to assist with your application. These may include:-

- Proof of ownership of the property

- Proof of income

- Proof of citizenship of the UK

- Proof that you live there (a utility bill for instance)

There may be other things as well of course, but these may depend on what you are looking to do and on the criteria of your chosen lender.

Either way, you may well have the funds within a couple of weeks, so don’t let the fact that you have adverse stop you from applying. It’s always worth asking the question. You never know, you may have been worrying all of this time completely unnecessarily.

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mortgage fraud

I recently had an offer to enter into a business partnership with someone. He wants to buy residential houses and sell them, I have good credit so I would buy the house in my name. He says he has buyers waiting to buy so that they can use them as rentals. I found out that he would pay them 10k or for buying the house. I asked an attorney about this & he said to pay a buyer for buying the house is illegal so I refused to enter into a partnership with him. The thing is I have bought one of my own houses, I sold it to him subject to the mortgage which means he legally owns the property but the mortgage is still in my name. If he sells the property to someone & pays a buyer which is basically commiting lender fraud and illegal according to the attorney. Do I have any liability in this transaction since my name is on the mortgage?

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homeowner loan

Life is not an easy race when we talk in monetary terms. Sometimes it happens that you face a sudden emergency and you need urgent funds to sort it out. In such situations if your pockets are torn it becomes extremely difficult to face the circumstances and you search for financial back ups. But the problem intensifies when you fail to arrange funds quickly. Fast homeowner loans help you in such plights to overcome your difficulties to sail your life smoothly.

The outstanding provisions

Best homeowner loans are not only quick and easy, but also completely reliable. This is a secured type of loan so you have to place your home as collateral against the loan amount. Since this is a form of security for the lender, you, as the borrower benefit too by having lower interest rates to deal with. Even if you have bad credit, a County Court Judgment (ccj) or have been declined a loan already, you are eligible for best homeowner loan. Best homeowner loan can be a great way to help in your cash drought situations. This is tagged as best homeowner loan because of the ease and speed of approval.

Utilizing the best homeowner loans

You can utilize the funds in the way you want. You can use the funds to settle down your old debts, to buy a car, catering to your medical emergencies or the wedding expenditures.

Process of availing best homeowner loans

You can obtain a best homeowner loan if you require some cash immediately. For a speedy process you can apply for your homeowner loan online to get quick results. To avail immediately you must fill in a simple form which would require you to give some personal details. After receiving your application they will just need time to confirm your details and will send your approval letter within 24 hours. Some lenders provide same day approvals and disbursals for quick loans needed.

Are you still worried?

With such easy and fast credit available like best homeowner loan, it is not surprising that you can easily find yourself overcommitted. So straighten the wrinkles in your face, wipe of your sweat and apply for best homeowner loans to enjoy the greenery of life.

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homeowner loan

Not every-one of us is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Most of us live life as it comes. Our hard earned money provides us with the basic necessities and indulgences. Generally, we manage things with our finances but sometimes an emergency or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity sticks out its head like a sore thumb, demanding huge funding and putting our resources under strain. UK secured homeowner loan provides the much-needed finances with minimum possible overhead in such conditions.

UK secured homeowner loan uses the home of the borrower in UK as the collateral. The home of the borrower can be mortgaged, free or having home equity in it. The value of the collateral or the home equity with you will go a long way in deciding the amount you will get from lenders when you take a secured homeowner loan in UK. Generally, secured homeowner loans are associated with large amounts. Borrowers can expect anything between £5000 and £75000. Even this large amount is not considered as the upper limit by some lenders. If they find that the value of your collateral is sufficiently high, they will consider lending you any sum up to £500000. The comfort that lenders feel while giving any secured UK homeowner loan is verily visible in the interest rates and the repayment schedule. The interest rates are lowest among various types of loans. The installments are scheduled on monthly basis. And the repayment term can vary from three to twenty- five years. If the house is already mortgaged, any new homeowner loan will be called as second charge, if the house is free of any mortgage and has 100% home equity, it will be called the first charge.

A term that should ring bells for any secured homeowner loan borrower in UK is the APR. Short for Annual Percentage Rate it defines the interest rate that a lender will charge from you on any homeowner loan. It is obligatory for the lender to communicate the effective APR he is charging from the borrower on his loan. Generally, lenders quote approximate APR rates, which are used to serve only as a guide. Different loans have different APR’s and the borrower is advised to consult the lender so as to get an exact idea about the APR of his homeowner loan. Comparison of APR’s from different lenders will help the borrower decide on a loan, which is the most competitive in the market.

Applying for a secured homeowner loan doesn’t take much effort. Most of the lending agencies give the option of applying online, through their branch network, via the telephone or a direct application at their office. Whatever be the method of your application it is advised that you provide all the information correctly.

The lenders will use credit reference agencies to assess your creditworthiness. Your credit history, repayment capacity and income will also be given due consideration besides the collateral before reaching any decision. A credit agreement has to be signed, which will contain all the details about the homeowner loan. Since it is a legal document, the terms of which are binding on both parties, a borrower should take the services of a legal expert to understand the intricacies and safeguard his interest. The Consumer Credit Act 1974 protects the interests of secured homeowner loan borrowers. It provides a cover up to loans of value £ 25,000. Loans of greater amount are not regulated. Lenders are obliged to provide a consideration period of 7 days for loans valued under £25000. Various types of insurance schemes are available from different lenders, which accompany the secured homeowner loan.

The repayment periods for any secured loans are stretched over many years and the borrower may face financial ups and downs in this period. It is very good, if he is able to repay the installments on time but if during troubled times he faces any repayment problems then instead of messing things up, he should contact the lender directly and discuss the problem. Together this can save the situation, both for the borrowers and the lenders.

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Homeowner Loans For Home Repairs

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homeowner loan

When people have repairs or improvements that they would like to do on their homes, these normally require some type of loan. Homeowner loans are one way of borrowing money, and they have become quite popular with many people. Homeowner loans are sometimes referred to as second mortgages. Homeowner loans are also known as secure loans. This is because they secure the bank or lending institution with collateral based on the equity you have in your home. In other words, should you fall behind in payments, homeowner loans mean that the bank can repossess your home in order to get the money they are owed.

Homeowner loans can be positive or negative, depending on how you look at them. One negative fact about homeowner loans is that they are relatively risky for the borrower. Should borrowers fall ill, lose jobs, or even mismanage money and default on homeowner loans, they will in turn lose their property. One positive thing about homeowner loans, however, is the fact that they are often lower in interest than other types of loans.

Homeowner loans can also normally be repaid over a longer period of time. On one hand, this can be negative, because a large amount of the borrower’s money may be spent through interest paid on homeowner loans. On the other hand, however, spreading out payments for homeowner loans over a long period of time keeps the monthly payments at a minimum. This can allow more free flowing cash for borrowers who have had trouble making ends meet. This is exactly the reason why many people use homeowner loans to take care of the high interest rates on their credit cards.

Multiple credit cards with multiple payment dates and many minimum payments can be frustrating. Also, late fees associated with credit cards tend to run very high, and when a person is paying for more than one card, the chances of overlooking a payment are higher. Using homeowner loans to consolidate all of this debt is often a very good choice. This may be a good choice not only because of the low monthly payments, but also because of the lower interest rates offered by homeowner loans.

When you are ready to make the improvements on your home, and you think homeowner loans may be the route for you to take, you are able to apply for homeowner loans at any number of locations. The internet is often especially helpful in shopping for homeowner loans, because many times you can apply for homeowner loans through the websites of banks and lending institutions while online.

Because homeowner loans have a lower rate of interest and a lower monthly payment, they may be ideal for people who wish to make improvements on their home. However, when seeking homeowner loans, it is very important that the borrower be sure he or she will be able to make the payments in a timely manner.

This will ensure the safety of the home, including new improvements being added.

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Secured Homeowner Loans: Ray of Hope

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homeowner loan

Numerous loan schemes are introduced and are meant to execute different related purposes. You are also looking for a loan that can provide you multiple benefits at low cost. If so then consider the Secured Homeowner Loans. It is collateral related loan scheme and the eligibility criterion is possessing property. The collateral should embody the security of the loan deal by carrying monetary value.

This loan proposes amount that is whopping, and suitable to execute miscellaneous demands. In this loan, applicants can extract amount between £5,000 and £1,00,000 with an elongated repayment option. The reimbursement duration graces from 10-25 years. All the benefits are offered without any discrimination of bad credit issues. So, if you are struggling with any bad credit tag like CCJs, defaults, arrears, late-payments, you can borrow the funds. The funds carry a reasonable rate of interest which is tabled in a manner that applicants easily borrow and repay.

The home-owners with the funds can meet miscellaneous personal demands. Demands like buying an expensive and luxurious car, weddings, going for exotic destinations, children’s education and respectively can be easily be executed. Debtors can consolidate the multiple debts and bad credit persons can revive the credit profile.

Innovative steps are adopted to provide the loan and make service better and for this reason the e-application widget is introduced. Applicants by considering the online application method can access the amount within less time and without being followed the lengthy process of paper-work.

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homeowner loan

A quick homeowner loan is required when one might want to renovate ones home, buy a new car or any other major expenditure including clearing ones old debts. One’s home is the biggest asset available to a person. No lender can ask for greater security than this, hence obtaining a loan against it is an extremely easy task. A large amount can be borrowed depending on the equity of ones house. Equity is the difference in the amount the house is mortgaged for and the amount that has already been paid off. It is usually an easy task to find quick homeowner loans amounting to almost 80% of the equity of the house and interest rates as low as 8.9%.

A homeowner loan is a secured loan in which the security provided is ones home. It should be preferred if the amount to be borrowed is large. A quick homeowner loan is a loan against ones home as security, which can be borrowed very fast; the procedure is completed within 24 hours in most cases. Finding lenders, even for people with a bad credit history, is not a problem due to the availability if the borrowers home as collateral. It should be preferred only in cases where an unsecured loan is not available. A quick homeowner loan comes at a cheaper interest rate as the risk to the lender is minimal, since he can always take over the borrowers home, if need be. The amount that can be borrowed varies with each lender. It also depends on the borrower’s credit history. A lender would most definitely be prepared to offer a higher sum if the borrower has a clean credit history and no default payments.

£75,000 is generally the highest amount that can be borrowed with the usual repayment period varying between 5 and 25 years, for a normal quick homeowner loan. The s period may vary depending on the borrowers need and his credit history. Searching for a quick homeowner loan is much easier on the internet where one can compare interest rates easily. A quick homeowner loan is beneficial in cases where the processes required for loan sanctioning are to be set to a minimum and the need for cash is urgent. After all the research is done, it should be most convenient to go for the loan that is offered the fastest

and with the least paperwork.

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homeowner loan


Everyone at certain point of time in their life is hard pressed with the financial demands. It’s really difficult to save oneself from the vicious circle of debts that gets accumulated if once goes unpaid over the time period. If you are the one who is facing turbulent times handling huge debts that are overdued or payday approaching, apply for homeowner loans in UK. Now, gone are the days when you had to sell your house in order to pay the debts. This is one of the best options available for those UK residents who have their home as an asset to pledge as collateral in against loan.

Home is the most valuable asset and is a place where you feel secured and have your dreams taking shape in myriad colors of life. So, make sure that you pledge your home only when you have huge debt to clear and not for short term small loans. Homeowner loans are usually secured personal loans and only those having home can apply for this. It’s not at all designed for non homeowners or tenants living in UK.

What you need to do is a good search and you will find there are plethora of loan providers and money lending companies available in the market. All the UK home owners are allowed to avail the services of homeowner loans.

Some of the benefits that you could have from homeowner loans in UK can be enumerated in following points:

You will get loan on incredibly lower rate of interest since you have pledged your home as collateral which in itself is a greatest advantage of all. This gives assurance to moneylender that if in case you fail to pay the amount on due date he will recover the payment with the sell of your home.

Homeowner loans are all purpose loans and serve all your needs. It can be borrowed for business, home repair, debt consolidation, medical aid and several other needs.

Any legal resident of UK above 18 years of age can apply for the homeowner loans in UK. Since, home is at pledge moneylenders readily allows you to borrow more than what the actual worth of your home is.

You can easily get longer duration for the repayment of the loan and the reason being same as your home is used as a collateral in the deal. Beside longer time period reduces the amount of monthly payments and it saves you from being defaulter.

Even if you have bad credit history your homeowner loan gets approved.

There have been rise in online moneylenders strength over the past few years. You can apply for homeowner loans online and submit the form which is then processed immediately. You get confirmation call and after that your loan is sanctioned and amount is debited into your account.


Make sure that you repay the loan on time since it is your home that is on stake. Though homeowner loans can be applied online still it requires some paperwork for the verification of property.

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homeowner loan

I am curious if a person has to be only on the loan, or title, or both, if they are making the loan payments to be eligible for the mortgage interest tax deduction write off.

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