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The loan market is always competitive whatever the financial conditions of the day, and there are at any one time a wide range of cheap loans out there for those with the willingness and tools to research the market.

Online loan comparison services are among the best tools to hand – and can analyse a vast range of competitively priced UK loan products in a matter of seconds. But before you begin comparing quotes, you have to consider what type of product may be best for you. Let’s look at the two main options out there when seeking to compare loans.

Firstly, there are cheap secured loans. As a lending product, secured loans form one of the most heavily competitive spheres in the UK financial market. This is an advantage especially for borrowers who need to get the best price on a loan and can leverage the equity in a property as security.

Secondly, you may want to aim for an unsecured loan. This means that the loan is not held with any security and if you default the lender does not automatically have a claim against your property. However, unsecured loans are riskier propositions for loan providers and therefore may come with a higher interest rate.

Finding cheap loans on comparison websites

Many loan comparison websites have cheap loans resources pages to help clients get a quote that best meets their needs. These sections commonly contain useful features like repayment calculators and a mixture of tools to help visitors decide which loan would suit them.

As well as tools, there are finance forums on many online comparison sites to help borrowers decide which cheap loan is for them. These discussion areas allows visitors to share their experiences with the rest of the community as well as offering advice and tips which may help towards qualifying for a cheap loan. Experience is often the best teacher and it makes sense to learn from other people’s lessons.

Armed with the knowledge that you need, you will be in a far stronger position to begin your application process. At this point you should think about whether it might be beneficial to apply with multiple applicants as the salaries of the borrowers can make a big difference. If your salary is somewhat low, applying for a loan in conjunction with parents or a spouse may be a good idea.

Also, there is an advantage in being aware of the processing fee that is charged. Even a small 2% processing fee for a loan of £10,000 will end up looking pretty big in the final calculation. Thus, when an offer is given, doing quick sums before proceeding further works to your advantage.

Lastly, it is a very good idea to read and fully understand the terms and conditions of a cheap loan and to familiarise with the various clauses in the contract. By getting to grips with the small print, you will have the knowledge you need to avoid some of the potential pitfalls.

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Are Secured Loans the Answer?

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secured loan

Homeowners needing some spare cash are being attracted to secured loans as interest rates fall, despite the risks.

As personal loans and credit cards become harder to find with lenders being more selective, consumers are putting their properties up as security.

“There is no doubt that unsecured loan companies are tightening up their lending criteria, secured loans are becoming a very viable option as a result” says Tim Moss, head of loans and debt at comparison website Moneysupermarket.com

As with mortgages, failing to keep up with payments puts your property at risk of repossession.

Historically, secured loans were only available through brokers and were less popular as they were seen as a last resort for people with poor credit ratings. They also had higher rates.

However, secured loans with rates as low as 6.9 percent are now being offered direct to consumers by some companies.

“Loan brokers generally receive commission of between 2,500 pounds and 3,000 pounds per loan sold, so marketing secured loans directly to customers has allowed companies such as Fair & Square and Picture Loans to offer lower rates,” Moss says.

The terms have become easier to understand too. Neil Radley of secured loan provider Fair & Square says: “We recognise that people are often wary of secured lending, which is why we have been careful to make our loans as simple and ¬transparent as possible and to keep penalties to a minimum.”

Homeowners who face severe penalties to leave their low rate deals to remortgage are opting for secured loans, Moss says: “Home improvements are one of the most common reasons for people to take out a loan.

Radley says “Secured loans offer a means of getting some of the money out of your property without incurring penalty charges,”

If people also want to consolidate unsecured debts, a secured loan would be a good option, he claims.

“Our research shows a lot of people have unsecured loans and credit card debts they would like to consolidate at a lower rate to give them greater control,” he says. “Why pay 18 per cent or 20 per cent on a credit card when you could be paying just 6.9 per cent on a secured loan?”

Also saying “I believe secured loans will become more and more popular during the next year or so, that said, you must remember that loans of this kind

are secured against your home, so it is very important not to miss the repayments.”

Planning on taking out a secured loan for home improvements is Andy Symons, 33.

“We are having lots of work done and, as usual, the cost has spiralled above the initial quote,” says Symons.

“I also have some credit card debts I would like to consolidate at a lower rate, so I plan to take out a secured loan of about 30,000 pounds from Fair & Square to cover both.

“I am waiting to hear exactly how much more the work is going to cost before applying.”

This will be the first time Symons opted for a secured loan although he has had student loans and an overdraft in the past.

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cheap loan

Is it possible that tenants can be offered loans at cheap rate of interest? Well, at the first sight it does not seem convincing enough. This is because tenants carry certain risks for the lenders. Even if a tenant has good credit history, he or she carries the risks. Why is it so? This is so mainly because such borrowers do not own a valued property for putting it at stake to borrow the money. However, in the present scenario of the loan market place, if the borrower can meet some conditions of the loan providers, Cheap Loans For Tenant can be cited.

When we talk of the cheap loans, it is the rate of interest and overall cost of availing the loan that matters the most. The rate of interest is usually higher for tenants, as they borrow money without pledging anything for collateral. They have to borrow money under an unsecured loan, which is of higher interest rate. However, the tenants can find some offers of loans that are being given at comparatively lower rate of interest to the borrowers, who have an excellent or good credit record.

In case of the tenant having a blemished credit rating because of late payments, defaults, arrears and CCJs, then the rate will be higher. Still, they can find the loan at competitive rates once they have applied for the rate quotes and compared many such loans. It is prudent to first make some improvements in your credit rating by paying off some debts for few months regularly.

Another way to cheap loans is to convince the lenders that there are no risks in offering a loan to you. A convincing and assuring repayment plan of the loan can be a good tool of getting a reduced interest rate on the borrowed amount. You should also look for a loan that has fewer additional fee charges of the lender. Such a loan is less burdensome to return, making it cheap.

You should take advantage of a tough competition in the market place. Since the lenders want to win you as potential customer, they can offer you cheap loans for tenant, once you have convinced them over timely repayment of the loan.

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Cheap Loans: Good as it Sounds

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cheap loan

If you are looking for loan at low interest rates and easy reimbursement terms, then no other loan can serve your demands in a better way than the poclies of cheap loans. Cheap loans are easy to procure because options of secured and unsecured are arranged for applicants. Equally the options welcome candidatures from bad credit holders and are both sides of the same coin. Secured option is for persons capable of using collateral; whereas, unsecured loan is the alternate.

The loan amount of cheap loans start from £1000 and £1,00,000 and are released depending upon the use and equity of collateral. Every person irrespective of any bad credit history is eligible for the loan and have to reimburse according to the form opted. Secured form follow long repayment term starting from 10-25 years. On the other hand, unsecured loans are schedule the due period from 1-10 years.

While seeking for a loan that basic feature that we hunt for are the low and cheap interest rates. And by taking into consideration cheap loans, you get the economical rates that suit the budget. Low and marginal rates is favorable for an easy installment and also for smooth repayments. Cheap loans are designed keeping this requirement into notice. Here, you get the figures that suits best to your financial plans.

Cheap loans can rehabilitate long pending ends and also the credit condition. This loan plan enables the borrowers to execute many demands at a single caress. Buying a car, purchasing of commodities, weddings, holiday expenses and other personal ends can be catered under the same loan.

To approval the cheap loans is easy than you can imagine because the online application method is wired. Yu need not have to take much trouble and from home or any location of the world can reach lender and approach them. But from your part do the job of enclosing accurate details for a quick approval.

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personal loan


Many people believe that they have no possibility to get a personal loan if they have bad credit, there’s good news for you. People can be eligible for personal loans, even shortly after declaring bankruptcy. The terms offered to people with bad credit are generally much less attractive than to those offered with good credit, but in many situations, these loans are still your best financial alternative. A personal loan for bad credit can also give you the influx of money you need to satisfy creditors, and begin restoring your credit history.

There are two types of personal loans for bad credit; secured and unsecured loans. Even if you have bad credit, if you have a significant asset (house car etc.) that you are willing to place as collateral against the loan (secured loan) then you should have no difficulty qualifying for a loan. A secured personal loan is much easier to get, as the lending institution will have access to your collateral if you should default, and as such their perceived risk is much less. You may still pay slightly higher interest rates than someone with good credit, but if you can offer a significant asset as collateral, then you should be eligible for such loan. If you offer your house as collateral, and default on the loan, then you will likely lose your most significant asset, your home.

The other type of personal loan for bad credit is an unsecured loan, and these loans are based primarily on the strength of your credit score. The market is very competitive, and is currently tilted quite in favor of the borrower. As such, there are some lending institutions that have expanded into different niche markets, and one of these niche markets is bad credit loan provision. There are companies that specialize in the issuance of bad credit loans, and through one of these, you may be eligible for a personal loan, even with a poor credit history.

Even with bad credit you likely have a great deal of selection, and you should make a thoughtful comparison of the terms, fees and interest rates on all the different loans available to you.

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How exactly does a secured loan work?

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secured loan

If I got a secured loan against my home and I sell me home, do I have to pay my unsecured loan off when I sell my home? Or can I continue to have my loan and pay it off every month for the term of the loan?
No, I am not talking about a home equity loan. A secured loan against my home- do I pack that back when I sell my home or not?

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unsecured loan

Get Risk Free Unsecured Loans and have no fear of losing your assets particularly the roof over one’s head has led many people to opt for unsecured loans. The relative speed with which unsecured loans are available for use is also noteworthy.

Savings in time is obvious because property verification and other tedious documentation is absent in case of unsecured loans. Unsecured loans carry no security and can be utilized for almost anything that you wish including home improvements, business start-up, planning a wedding or holiday etc. Unsecured loans will help meet your immediate cash needs and remap your finances in the shortest time! Although rates maybe a little higher than secured loans increased demand has prompted lenders to reduce rates for unsecured loans which means it is much easier to get a low rate unsecured loan today. Online lending services have further simplified the entire loan process. A simple click of your mouse leads you to a world of inviting unsecured loan deals.

Instant Decision on Unsecured Loan despite Bad Credit

Unsecured Loans are the most popular option for most borrowers in UK. The main reason behind this is the lack of collateral which makes it the safest bet for tenants looking for instant loan decision, self employed, students or even homeowners who are not ready to risk their property. Lack of collateral means there is no hassle of documentation which ensures speedy approval for unsecured loans. There are many online lending agencies which offer low APR bad credit unsecured loans but later reveal hidden costs to hapless borrowers. So it is important to look around for reputed loan companies and find yourself the best instant same day decision unsecured loans. While choosing the best unsecured loan it does not always mean the lowest interest rate. You should consider repayment period, whether interest rate is fixed or variable and any late charges, penalties which you would incur.

Unsecured Loans – Why Risk Your Home?

Don’t want to risk your home? You don’t have to! Guaranteed unsecured loans are a smart idea for tenants, students, self employed, unemployed or even homeowners who don’t want to risk their home. Unsecured loans are a popular option for a number of reasons. Firstly your home/possessions are not at risk even if you fail to keep up loan repayments. Secondly you don’t have to wait for an approved unsecured loan. You are assured quick decisions as there is no time wasted on property verification and other tedious documentation. What are you waiting for? Stop pondering over your loan options and for a same day unsecured loan if you are wary about pledging your collateral.

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homeowner loan

Everybody has to manage money, be it the weekly shop or a multi-million pound contract at work. Most people have some form of debt, accrued through either planned or unexpected spending. It can be a difficult task to manage multiple debts with several credit suppliers, ensuring that payments are made on time to avoid penalty charges.

There are two main types of loan, secured and unsecured. A secured loan is when the lender is given a legal right to an asset belonging to the borrower, so that in the case of a default on payment, the lender can repossess the asset and recover their costs from its subsequent sale. An unsecured loan differs in that no asset security is required; loan limits are based on the individual’s credit history and ability to meet the proposed repayment schedule.

The total personal debt in the UK at the end of June 2007 was 1,345 billion GBP. Debts that are spread on credit cards, store cards, bank overdrafts or personal loans can be consolidated into a homeowner loan, allowing you to the spread the repayment schedule over a longer period according to your individual circumstances.

A homeowner loan differs from other forms of loan as it secures the debt against the value of the owners’ property. This often results in a homeowner managing to obtain a larger loan then they would be able to through an unsecured method. This can be useful to pay off other debts and consolidate them in one long term payment plan or to borrow additional funds for other projects.

Many people dream of having more space and moving to a larger home and with demand exceeding supply of properties, house prices have hit new highs and the rise is expected to continue. Some owners are exploring new ways of getting more space by considering the option to extend their current home. By securing finance with a homeowner loan you could build an extension to your existing home, making financial savings by avoiding having to pay expensive estate agency fees, stamp duty or removal costs as incurred when moving properties.

During 2006 there were over 2.3 million new cars registered in the UK. As a viable means of commuting and transporting the family, cars are common place throughout society today, but they are a major financial cost, often second only to a mortgage. Many buy a new car by taking an unsecured loan to pay for their purchase, however a homeowner loan could prove to be a more financially viable option.

Whatever your motivation, if you own your home you will have the option of getting a homeowner loan which may save you money in comparison to unsecured loans. It doesn’t cost anything to investigate, so find out if a homeowner loan could help you to improve your financial circumstances.

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secured loan

I’m thinking of getting a loan but then the question comes up as to whether I want a secured or unsecured loan? WHats the difference and which ine is more advisable to take?

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unsecured loan

I have been trying to find a good place to get an unsecured loan to help pay off high limit credit cards.

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