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I have good credit in the 600′s, I just have a high debt to income ratio. I have about 4 personal loans I want to consolidate. One is already with Prosper, so that is out. I just want to have one payment. My debt for these loans is about $20,000. I am not a homeowner either.

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Are Secured Loans the Answer?

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secured loan

Homeowners needing some spare cash are being attracted to secured loans as interest rates fall, despite the risks.

As personal loans and credit cards become harder to find with lenders being more selective, consumers are putting their properties up as security.

“There is no doubt that unsecured loan companies are tightening up their lending criteria, secured loans are becoming a very viable option as a result” says Tim Moss, head of loans and debt at comparison website Moneysupermarket.com

As with mortgages, failing to keep up with payments puts your property at risk of repossession.

Historically, secured loans were only available through brokers and were less popular as they were seen as a last resort for people with poor credit ratings. They also had higher rates.

However, secured loans with rates as low as 6.9 percent are now being offered direct to consumers by some companies.

“Loan brokers generally receive commission of between 2,500 pounds and 3,000 pounds per loan sold, so marketing secured loans directly to customers has allowed companies such as Fair & Square and Picture Loans to offer lower rates,” Moss says.

The terms have become easier to understand too. Neil Radley of secured loan provider Fair & Square says: “We recognise that people are often wary of secured lending, which is why we have been careful to make our loans as simple and ¬transparent as possible and to keep penalties to a minimum.”

Homeowners who face severe penalties to leave their low rate deals to remortgage are opting for secured loans, Moss says: “Home improvements are one of the most common reasons for people to take out a loan.

Radley says “Secured loans offer a means of getting some of the money out of your property without incurring penalty charges,”

If people also want to consolidate unsecured debts, a secured loan would be a good option, he claims.

“Our research shows a lot of people have unsecured loans and credit card debts they would like to consolidate at a lower rate to give them greater control,” he says. “Why pay 18 per cent or 20 per cent on a credit card when you could be paying just 6.9 per cent on a secured loan?”

Also saying “I believe secured loans will become more and more popular during the next year or so, that said, you must remember that loans of this kind

are secured against your home, so it is very important not to miss the repayments.”

Planning on taking out a secured loan for home improvements is Andy Symons, 33.

“We are having lots of work done and, as usual, the cost has spiralled above the initial quote,” says Symons.

“I also have some credit card debts I would like to consolidate at a lower rate, so I plan to take out a secured loan of about 30,000 pounds from Fair & Square to cover both.

“I am waiting to hear exactly how much more the work is going to cost before applying.”

This will be the first time Symons opted for a secured loan although he has had student loans and an overdraft in the past.

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personal loan

Personal loans serve to help people to meet many deadlines and overcome unexpected situations that come in their life. It is possible for the availers of personal loan to find these loans very easily. For an aspirant of personal loan it is possible to overcome the ups and downs of life easily. So, a severe financial jolt that may sometime emerge in people’s life can be overcome with ease with the help of personal loans.

The reason why personal loans are popular is that the loans can be used for any purposes. It helps people to meet long time desires and personal needs. Commercial purposes can also be met with ease. So, the loans actually serve as a capital for commercial purposes. So, the borrowers of the personal loans are no longer restricted to use them for personal needs only.

The availing of the loan is also simple. One has to furnish proof of ones credit history. If a person maintains a good credit history then it becomes very easy for him/her to find the loan. So, good credit always leaves a good impression on the creditors. But, in case of poor credit borrowers, it is not impossible to find a personal loan. A person may be granted loans if he or she is in a position to pay high interest rates. There are two categories of personal loans. One is known as secured loan and the other is unsecured loan. For a secured loan, the borrower has to deposit some security as collateral to the lender. But then the secured loans offer long repayment time and have low interest rates. In case of unsecured loans, the interest rates are high and the time for making returns is also short.

Moreover, with the coming of the online personal loans things have been further simplified. It is possible for people to make online application for loans. It can be done from any place. The borrower just needs to provide some personal details and fill in an online form. Having done so, it becomes possible for the people to find a loan that they may be looking for. Just after some verification process that includes telephonic discussion too, a borrower is granted the loan. The repayment process is kept simple and easily achievable. Flexibility is also provided by lenders to people, who are not in a position to make returns in time.

People can take a Personal loan for various purposes. It can be meeting expenses of a wedding, or holidaying at a destination, for educational purposes, home improvement or for a car purchase. Whatever may be the reason, the loan is beneficial for people to meet their requirements. It is possible for a borrower to take large loans ranging from £5000-£75000. In such a case, the repayment term usually extends from 5 to 25 years. So, the availers of the loan need not worry about the repayments and can safely make the payment in their due time. Application for a loan can be made anytime the need arises. The online personal loans make it easy for the borrowers to find the loan without having to visit banks personally.

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personal loan problem

I already have a car loan with them. I’ve been making regular payments and have always been in front. I can occasionally stop the payments for a week – I was told I can do this as long as I’m in front. I’m looking to get a personal loan so I can consolidate some credit card debts and pay lower interest than paying off the credit card company myself. Do they give personal loans if you already have one loan?
I’ve made an appointment with the bank in a couple of days, I’m just really stressed at the moment that it won’t get approved!

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debt consolidation company

I have several personal loans out. My monthly payments add up to about 800 a month, i only make a 1000. I’m not behind on payments but i cant keep up much longer. I cant seem to get any local banks to even listen to me. They also ping my credit report every single time i tried to get a loan so now i have even more negativity on my report. I can afford 300 a month or less to pay on a consolidation loan. Anyone know a loan company or debt consolidation company that will actually listen to me and not just look at my credit score?
I make 200 a week, thats good pay for my area. I dont have a single credit card. Never have.

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secured loan

If you are looking for finances to fulfill the various needs, secured loans can be an ideal solution. Through secured loans, you can avail a bigger loan amount at cheap rate of interest. You can use secured loans to meet various needs like home improvement, purchasing a car, going for a vacation, debt consolidation etc.

Secured loans are a type of personal loans which can be easily availed from various lenders like banks and financial institutions. Here, you are required to pledge any property as collateral to secure the loan. The collateral placed can be your home, real estate or any other valuable asset. By placing collateral, you are assuring the lender that you will pay back the loan amount in due time. The loan amount you get basically depends on the equity value of collateral.

Under Secured Loans scheme, you can borrow an amount which ranges in between £5000-£75,000. One benefit of availing secured loans is that you get a longer repayment period which is in the range of 5-25 years. The rates of interest for secured loans are also quite lower as it is secured against collateral. With low interest rate, bigger loan amount and a longer repayment period, you can easily repay secured loans without facing any problems.

If you are facing bad credit problems such as CCJs, IVA, non repayment, arrears etc, you too can avail secured loans. The rate of interest charged will be comparatively higher. But by paying back secured loans within the stipulated time period, borrower can improve the credit score.

While availing secured loans, ensure to pay the installments regularly , so that your collateral cannot be repossessed by the lender. But with low interest and easy monthly installments, you can easily pay back secured loans. Further cheap rates can be availed by applying online.

With low interest and bigger loan amount, secured loans are the ultimate financial solution which helps to fulfill your desires.

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personal loan

If you are ready to place a property as collateral in order to avail loan, your bad credit status will not create any problems. Adverse credit secured personal loans is also one such loan. Lenders ignore the bad credit status of the borrowers because they have the security for their money in the form of collateral.

Basic information on adverse credit secured personal loans

Adverse credit secured personal loans is meant for people having adverse credit history. Anyone suffering from bad credit history due to arrears, defaults, CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy etc can avail adverse credit secured personal loans. Adverse credit secured personal loans is secured in nature. You’ll have to place one of your properties as collateral. You can place any of your account etc as collateral. You can avail an amount ranging from £5000-£75000 with adverse credit secured personal loans. However placing worthwhile collateral as security can increase this amount. The repayment duration of adverse credit secured personal loans is very flexible and ranges from 5-25 years. Being secured in nature adverse credit secured personal loans carry low interest rate.

Benefits of adverse credit secured personal loans

Adverse credit secured personal loans is very beneficial for people suffering from bad credit status. If you are a homeowner and want to avail a personal loan, you can easily avail adverse credit secured personal loans. You can avail adverse credit secured personal loans to meet any of your personal needs like buying a car, paying debts, renovating home, debt consolidation and so on. Adverse credit secured personal loans are very economical because it carries low interest rate. Lenders offer flexible repayment duration with adverse credit secured personal loans. You can choose repayment duration from 5-25 years. Borrowers can increase their credit score by paying the loan installments regularly and on due time.

Adverse credit secured personal loans: suggestions

There are many banks; financial institutions and lending firms that offer adverse credit secured personal loans, so search well before applying for the loan. You can use Internet to search for various lenders and get free loan quotes from their websites. You can then compare these loan quotes to choose the one that offers adverse credit secured personal loans at reasonable interest rate. Adverse credit secured personal loans can be availed online also. To apply online you’ll have to fill up an online application form providing your contact details. Lenders will get back to you within few hours with their offers. With adverse credit secured personal loans you can avail a good amount of money and can also increase your credit status.

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cheap loan

Tired with the monetary deficiency that pops up every now and then? You are not alone. Surviving needs money and surviving comfortably demands even more. So what can you do? Afraid that loans would even cost you more? Don’t worry! As competition in the lending industry reaches an all-time high, we have now loans that are available at interest rates which are lower than the standard ones. Their name says it all- cheap loans.


Cheap loans are less costly than your conventional personal loans. They can be sought to finance any of your endeavors- an expensive flat screen TV, a brand new car, a nice wedding, a fun-filled holiday, a welcome debt consolidation or anything else. You can make them possible with the perfect cheap loan deal.


The interest rate of the cheap loan that you have applied for depends on your financial circumstances. Your income, debt-to-income ratio, credit score, credit history are all assessed to wok out a rate that suits your repayment capability.


Cheap loans are available under secured and unsecured options. Providing collateral against your loan may fetch you an amount between £500 and £75000 to be paid back on a repayment term of 5-25 years. Unsecured option can be borrowed for an amount up to £25000 and a term up to 10 years. This one is more practical for smaller loan amounts.


There are innumerable lenders of cheap loans. One thing you can do is check out some of them, request for loan quotes and compare the quotes to work out which loan deal is more profitable than the others. A faster and cost-free way of conducting such a survey is through online mode. With the help of a loan calculator, you can easily find out how much a loan is going to cost you. While you are at it, you can also check out if a lender will charge any sort of extra fees.


Cheap loans are considered as the ultimate answer to the prayers of all those who have been waiting for low cost loans. With the help of these loans, you can wave goodbye to the financial worries of your life.

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personal loan

Today’s financial marketplace is awash with personal loan providers and the volume of competition can be overwhelming.Few years back it was not so easy to plan all that especially if you did not have the necessary funds. Now it is!..A car, home, holiday to favourite destination….- who doesn’t want all that!.Fast personal loans on the way. Now and then we get into situations when fast personal loans can prove to be of great help. Whether it’s the creditors who are knocking at your door or a purchase that you definitely need to make tomorrow, fast personal loans are an easy way of handling sudden cash requirements. A Fast Personal Loan is usually made for the purpose of debt consolidation, vacation or the purchase of durable goods. This is the fastest way to get the money that you need. Within just a few days you can write an instant fast loan for cash or use the new checks to help you with financial needs.

The choice of fast personal loan is limited by how quickly you need to raise capital. If you can wait for a few days; there’s a broad range of options. . However, all fast cash loans loosely fall into two categories: secured and unsecured. Fast Personal loans market is huge and so competitive that everyone can now avail customized personal loans.A fast personal loan is one that you can obtain quickly and easily with minimum hassles. Fast personal loans can be put to any use and there is no restriction by the lender .

However, all fast cash loans loosely fall into two categories: secured and unsecured.Your fast personal loan can also be secured or unsecured and the overall interest rate will depend on your credit history, your assets especially if you are using them for collateral and your current employment.

Fast secured loans:

A Fast Secured Loan like any secured loan enforces putting up collateral as security against the amount borrowed. For secured loans, collateral can be in the form of your home, your automobile or any securable asset, that is retained with your creditor until complete repayment. The only distinction here is that instant approval of the loan is a supplementary feature. Apart from saving time, a fast secured loan gives you many other benefits. The interest rate on your loan amount is low. The monthly installments you pay are small and the repayment duration is also long as it suits you.There are people who have had a bad credit history. Even in such cases a fast secured loan can be procured. There are a good number of finance companies that provide fast secured loans to persons with bad credit record.Another advantage of fast secured loans is that you will typically be able to borrow far more than on a secured basis.Because a fast secured loan carries far less risk for the lender, they will be willing to offer you far more attractive terms and conditions regarding the loan.

Fast Unsecured Loan:

you need not provide any collateral or guarantor while applying for the fast unsecured personal loan. No need to provide any security or guarantor for the loan. This keeps your financial affairs secret from friends and relatives.unsecured personal loans l are ideal for tenants and other non homeowners as they have no property to pledge. Eligibility criteria for personal loans is usually reliant on credit score, granted entirely on the capacity of the borrower. As no collateral is needed , the time taken for valuation is saved these loans are quicker to obtain and the loan amount is available very fast.

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cheap loans

I want to buy a plot and get the house constructed. I approaced some banks for this and they are ready to give me personal loans, but i am looking to get home loan as i would work our much cheaper and i can also avail the tax benefits. Please let me know if any bank have any such product to offer.

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