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student loan deal

Alright here is the deal I am commuting to school about 30 miles away from my home. There is no public transportation to my school and therefore I need a car. I pretty much have every school expense paid for except for the actual transportation costs to get to and from school I have enough money for fuel, insurance, and any repairs that are thrown my way, as well as basic maintenance costs here is the issue, I can’t afford a car. I was looking to get a private student loan with a parental cosign and deferred payment for the cost of a decent car (about $13,000). I can’t afford a monthly payment so I needed to know what kind of college loan should I get or do I need I am sure I can get a private college loan because transportation is a legitimate college cost. Thanks

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cheap loan

I have no cash on me and I want to get a car for 800$. I don’t know where to get the money from and payday advance won’t work for me.

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mortgage fraud

basically Team McCann lied when they insisted weeks ago that the fund WOULD NOT be used for personal expenses and living costs

I am having to re post it as it seems the Pro McCanns could not produce an adequate answer, so they turned to reporting it.

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payday loan

I dont want a payday loan, but need a personal loan and have bad credit. I am actually planning on taking the money and paying off my 3 current credit cards (total is $2k) and rebuilding my credit that way. Any suggestions? And please dont say prosper cause all that did was make me keep requesting and noone ever assisted.

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student loan

Hi, I am currently a second year university student in Canada. I am planning to go study in Romania next year. I was wondering is there any kinds of student loan out there that will lend money to canadian students who wants to go study in Romania? Thanks alot!

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personal loan problem

I am getting a salary of AED 7000, Due to some personal problems in my family I took some credit card loans. I got stuck up with dues like maximum amount of my salary goes to credit cards.
I am in need of a loan amount of AED 45000 to sort this out.
Can anyone suggest me where I can get this money other than banks coz in banks the minimum eligible salary is AED 10000 for a personal loan in dubai right now.

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mortgage fraud

Although an obligation from the owner to the mortgage company is seperate from a rental agreement from the tenant to the owner. Doesn’t give the homeowner the right to defraud the renter. IT IS MORALLY WRONG. I can’t believe some of the posters saying it is none of my business what the homeowner does with the rent. What about the renters right to a secure place to live?
Rent is suppose to be used to pay the mortgage. Not paying the mortgage is tantamount to FRAUD. Leaving the renters to fend for themselves is irresponsible.
Property manangement companies need to set up an account where the rent is paid directly to the mortgage company. I know I’m not alone in this situation.
If you own property and in foreclosure. Be upfront with your tenants. Don’t take money from them to save your own ass. Even if it’s legal to do so.

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debt consolidation company

I need a reputable debt consolidation company to refer my fiance to, he owes a lot of money and would like to consolidate all payments to one monthly payment to pay everything off. Anyone ever used a company and had good experience with clearing up their debt?

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Guide To Homeowner Loans

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homeowner loan

A homeowner loan is a loan that is only available to people who own their own home. This type of loan is secured against your home and is also known as a Secured Loan. Because your home is used as the security against the loan, failure to keep up with your repayments may led to you losing your home.

The Advantages of a Homeowner Loan

Because your own home is used as the security in a homeowner loan you will be able to borrow a lot more money than you would be able to with a personal loan. Personal loans usually allow you to borrow up to 25,000 pounds whereas a homeowner loan can let you borrow a lot more than this.

Also as your own home is used as the security for a homeowner loan it means that lenders can often overlook some problems that you may have with your credit history or ability to get a loan from elsewhere. This means that people who are self-employed, have problems proving their income or have a bad credit rating may still be able to get a homeowner loan.

The Disadvantages of a Homeowner Loan

The biggest disadvantage of a homeowner loan is that your home is at risk if you do not keep up your repayments on the loan. Therefore you should think very carefully before using your home as security for a loan, and be honest with the lender from the start to ensure that you can realistically keep up with your repayments until the loan is paid off.

You need to think long-term when it comes to a homeowner loan as these can sometimes take some years to pay off depending on the amount you are borrowing and the company you are borrowing from. You need to be sure that you are financially stable for the foreseeable future and be prepared to deal with an unforeseen circumstances that may affect your ability to repay the loan.

If you are using your home as security for a homeowners loan then you need to consider if the purpose for the loan worth risking your home over? Finally, if the homeowner loan is being used to consolidate existing debt, you need to make sure that you have made the necessary plans to ensure that all avenues of the existing debt are controlled to prevent a similar situation from arising again in the future.

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mortgage fraud

If a landlord enters into a lease without permission from his mortgage company is this breach of contract or fraud?

A scenario where a landlord signs a lease with a tenant 3 months before move in and 1st months and security are paid. On move in day (today) I’m being told he can’t rent the place because he never got permission from his mortgage company to make his primary residence a rental unit and apparently they won’t allow it. This would make me think since he never had permission to rent and enter a lease he committed fraud and the lease was void from the get go or would you still consider it a breach notifying your tenant on move in day that he can’t move in and he will have to breach for the reason mentioned. Naturally my lease states to amend the lease there must be 30 days… he has given me notice this morning (move-in day) that he will have to void do to the fact if he does let me live in without permission from his mortgage company he could lose his house.

Would you argue fraud or breach of contract in this sitution if he never had any apporval from his mortgage company to make his primary residence a rental unit? He had 3 months to figure this out and didn’t do anything and tells me on the day I’m moving in that I can’t. Mainly I’m concered with getting the differential in my new 1yr lease I will have to find and it’s going to cost me a lot more money I had a good deal in place. Regardless of fraud or breach am I still entitled to the differential in living for for the 1yr breached lease with the new one?

What are the differences between fraud and breach of contract damage wise and law wise?
Also I’m in New Jersey where there’s strong tenant rights in place as opposed to other states.
Also the lease is very basic he was irresonsible in that regard of covering his end with a detailed lease. There is no legal out for him in the lease if anything the basic lease is screwing him worse.
Apparently to make your primary residence a rental unit there’s certain requirements… requirements which he’s not in compliance with so they won’t allow it. All of this information could have been obtained in the 3months I had my lease in place rather he sends me an email on move in day (today) saying he has to void the lease… if there even ever was a legal lease in place.
Playing devlis advocate….

How could it be a breach if legally he couldn’t even enter into a contract without their permission? Wouldn’t that void the lease leaving my only option for recourse fraud?
Wouldn’t the lack of the mortgage companies apporval automatically void the lease? How is it still binding if he legally could never enter and sign a lease?
There is going to be a massive financial differential in my new lease. For this reason would it be better to contact an attorney as opposed to take this to small claims court? Understand my landlord has given me no notice regarding this breach he’s told me today in writing on move in day… basically it’s not possible to screw a tenant any harder then waiting until moving day to breach a lease. I think the judge will see how irresonsible he acted and award the differential between the breached lease and my new lease. My breached lease was for 600 a month utilities included for a 2br 2bath. Even for a 1 br it’s minimally 900 a month plus utlilites… maybe he would have an out if he didnt’ give me notice same day as move in but he did.
It appears if there were every a situtation where a landlord has to pay the rent differntial with the new lease this scenario would be the definition… landlord tells tenant on move in day giving no notice of the breach putting him on the streets… I can’t think of a more sob sitution.
There was not even 1 day notice of this… this is all coming as a surprise on move in day.

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