New homeowners need personal loan for debt consolidation and home improvements?

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My husband and I closed on our first home on 8/31. Our loan was financed 100%. We are now looking to consolidate our credit and auto debt into one along with major home improvements that need to be done. . They total $35k. Where is the best place to go to apply for a personal loan or line of credit for at least $60, 000. Thank you for any insight!

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Go to the bank that gave you the 100% home mortgage. They might be willing to extend you more credit.

With all the mortgage upheaval, you may have to wait on the major home improvements until you have some equity in your house. Not so willing to loan more money on top of all the other debt load you’re carrying. Worth a try though. It also depends on your ratio of income and debt too.


This might be difficult given the current situation in the credit market. No lender is going to be very excited about lending beyond 100% of the value of the asset. A personal loan is going to charge relatively high rates since it is not backed by an asset and is higher risk.


if u have no equity in the house and the cars are not paid for what are you going to use as security to back up the loan — your word —think you might want to rethink what you want to do!!!

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