mortgage fraud?

mortgage fraud

i have recently obtained a house by fixing my income to be eligible for the mortgage.
i am in the middle of a courtcase which is up to the point i left my partner.can they investigate my affairs since i left him or would that be my buisness.

please proper advice, i needed the house so me and my daughter could have a roof over our head, as he kept all.
the mortgage is in my sole name… this is why i had to doctor my income.
I bought it after we split, as he kept all 5 houses.

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If you have the house, the mortgage company won’t bother with you as long as you keep the payments coming on time.


If you have obtained a mortgage by making a false statement, you have committed a criminal offence. You’re unlikely to be prosecuted – there aren’t enough prisons to go round.

Provided you keep up the payments, you should be OK. If you get into arrears, don’t expect to keep the equity in your house.


You don’t say if the Mortgage was taken out in a sole name, yours.
When you applied for the Mortgage, you presumably told the lender the truth about your income at that time so you have not committed mortgage fraud.
The question arises whether you are still in a position to fund the Mortgage.
You are on safe ground if you are the sole Mortgagee and can pay your dues to the lender.


In my opinion your mortgage issue is not the purpose of the trial and if investigated should only be when or if a juge feels the new mortgage is a peice of evidance that could affect the trial he is conducting.

Ffs dont tell anyone and when possible sell the house and get a diferent mortgage with proper numbers. Things maybe ok now but if the lender finds out it may bring tears. Lenders dont need much of an excuse to investigate but usually nothing will be investigated unless you fail to pay. A lot of people give false numbers as upto £250,000 you usually dont have to prove your income.


If you mean could the mortgage company investigate; then they could but I can’t see them bothering if no one brings it to their attention and you keep the payments up to date. If you mean could solicitors involved in the court case investigate your affairs then they could. However as you don’t explain what the case is about it is difficult to know whether they are likely to.


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