If you collect money saying it’s for charity, then use it to pay for your mortgage aren’t you guilty of fraud

mortgage fraud

basically Team McCann lied when they insisted weeks ago that the fund WOULD NOT be used for personal expenses and living costs

I am having to re post it as it seems the Pro McCanns could not produce an adequate answer, so they turned to reporting it.

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It is. And its a crime. Report it!


Yes, it is. And they are facing criminal charges, no questions asked.


its unfair as people have been tricked! is it a registered charity? f it is you could sue them but if not then your a fool for giving your money to them in the first place x


“no but seriously tho……..”


Its wrong “yes”
But would be hard to prove.
This kind of collecting is done all the time.


practice what you preach, Charley bought Gucci boots with money she supposedly raised for charity, the only charity she raised money for was herself.


Look, just change your name to Charity and we’ll spend it between us.


psst Julia Ive just read in the London Evening Standard that the police in portugal are going to re question Robert Murat,Im going now so why dont you be the first to ask questions about that?


it is legal but if the drew up the terms and condidtions before collecting the money People would have thought twice before donating.
And who could ever have imagined that their money would be used for such a sefish act like this


That depends on the purposes for which the charity was established, and the rules governing the corporation (most charities that are established are done under incorporations these days, with directors and people responsible for disbursement of funds).

If the charity was to “defray costs associated with….” some aspect of the case, then using the money for mortgage while taking a leave of absence from employment to defend yourself in Portugal would seem an appropriate use of the funds.


lets get them


It was never set up as a charity, but as a business. It also states that it can be used for living expenses, but I am sure, you know this already.


I would think so

November 29th, 2009 at 1:34 am

It definitely is fraud; most likely a felony.
One more reason not to give to the so-called charities. Most of the money NEVER GOES to those who need it (witness the huricane Katrina fiasco).


Yes, it’s a crime, and they should be prosecuted.


Didn’t you ask this question yesterday?
Are you gonna ask that everyday until someone comes up with an answer that satisfy you or maybe you want the mcCanns to answer you in here?


A person in need of charity does not need to be starving.

It is a religious obligation to keep him in the manner to which he is accustomed.


Yes it is fraud, you need to report them to the state attorney general’s office in the state that you live in.


It is not a charity.
Madeleine’s fund is a non charitable not-for-profit company, which has been established to help find Madeleine McCann and to support her family and bring her abductors to justice. Any surplus funds will be used to help families and missing children in the United Kingdom, Portugal and elsewhere in similar circumstances. If there are surplus funds Madeleine’s Funds can be converted into a charity.

once again IT IS NOT A CHARITY

PS i am not a pro McCann i’m a Pro Madeleine


What they are doing isn’t illegal but certainly unethical. I doubt most people donated thinking they were paying their mortgage (especially all the children who donated). Now of course, I don’t expect them to sell their house, but I do think they should use their own savings before using this fund. Somehow I doubt they have done that.


The fund was never registered as a charity as, to be a charity it would have to be accountable and have far more limitations. Basically, the McCanns could not have paid their mortgage from a charity. So, I think that they led everyone to believe the “Search for Madeleine” had charity status, but the fund was quickly registered as a Limited Company giving the family power over the money and how it is spent.


Yes isn’t it called ‘obtaining money by deception’, or something like that.


Just another lie from them – are you really surprised?


depends on your definition of fraud.


Read what the fund was set up for, especially this clause

1.1.3 To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine’s family.

Now what is your problem?


You need help.

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