If I am a victim of mortgage (loan) fraud?

mortgage fraud

I believe that I am a victim of mortgage fraud and total loss is about $500,000.00 I already contacted FBI and also hired private attorney to file a lawsuit against the lender, seller, appraiser, realtor and the title company. To make a long story short .I bought a property which was inflated by the seller , over a half million dollars. The loan officer from the lender, appraiser, realtor, and the title company eventually helped seller to flip the property which means they all lied to me about everything. (I have all the evidences)
Please assume that I have a strong case – (Just for civil case) how much would be reasonable for me to ask the lender to compensate – I want to be a reasonable person and my lawyer and I have a little different opinion for this matter. I need a second opinion from others.
P.S. Previously I had a meeting with the president of the subject lender. He treated me as if I was a begger who is trying to make fortune out of this case. I was sad.

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reasonable is one thing; what CAN you recover? Most of these frauds either have blown their cash out of the country or have nothing left to go after.


First of all, thank you for being a responsible citizen! Unfortunately, the law (which is made largely by lawyers) allows lawyers to go after people for obscene amounts of money for the purposes of lining their own pockets. Understand this: your lawyer cares about you even less than he cares about the lender, realtor, etc. You’re just his tool to the lawsuit. Never forget that he works for you and not the other way around. If he gets out of line, don’t hesitate to report him to the ABA and your own state’s bar administrator.

That said, what do you want? Assuming you have a legitimate case, you’ll want to be put back into the position you were before this mess started. You certainly want to get back the money you’ve lost. You don’t want to have to pay for your attorney, so you’ll want the money to cover his fees. On top of that, you probably want to be compensated a little for the trouble you’ll have to go through restoring your credit, buying a new home, finding a new lender, etc.

If you’re feeling vengeful against the defendants, you can try to find some kind of injunctive relief (i.e. license revocation) that will be very punitive without being a windfall to your attorney.

Good luck!


I’m not a lawyer, but I would sue the lender for damages which would include your equity in the house, the mortgage payments and interest you’ve paid, plus attorney fees and court costs and wages lost from not working. You haven’t mentioned if you still live in the house. Also, are you in delinquent state currurently?
The next thing is if you are still making the payments and are not delinquent, they can’t forclose on you, but what you need to do is get an experienced Real Estate Lawyer. One who specializes in Real Estate. These people could loose their license and the mortgage company could loose their charter to run their business.
It’s Buyer Beware in buying a house. Before I would buy a house, I would find out out what houses are selling for in that area and then you know pretty much know what the house is worth.


How much is your house actually worth? Is it hundreds of thousands less than what you paid for it? That’s gonna be tough to get anything for this lawsuit. They are going to say you should’ve looked up comps yourself.

Unless you mean that the mortgage broker borrowed more money than needed in your name? Either situation is bad… Contact your state’s attorney general. I’d be pissed.


you may be a victim,but WHO you going to profits,is another point.it seam’s to me you lawyer did not work for you .because SAM one mack a price, you do not force you to bye the property.it do not look to me as a fraud.you jamb in before you think’, and you gut stack for the rest of you life.

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