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Many things enable you to increase your loan eligibility. Equity in your home is one of them. The higher the value of your home, the higher will be your loan eligibility. Normally, lenders offer 75 per cent loan-to-value ratio. However, some online lenders are providing up to 125 per cent LTV. You can search for these lenders on the Internet and borrow more money against your home.

Other things that have a bearing on the amount of loan that you can get include your credit score, loan duration, monthly income, debt to income ratio, lender’s policy, etc. Debt to income ratio reflects your repayment capability. The lesser the ratio, the better the prospects for you to get high amount of loan.

However, you should not take out homeowner loans just because someone is ready to lend you money. You should see that you can afford to borrow it and have means to repay along with the applicable interest. In case of secured homeowner loans, any failure in repayment can result in your home being repossessed by the lender. Avoid such a situation by remaining regular with your repayments.

How much loan is too much?

First, assess your requirements. Think carefully whether you will be able to meet your loan obligations in time and on regular basis. Also take into consideration any possible change in your circumstances affecting your repayment capabilities. Such circumstances may include new member in your family, marriage, divorce, etc. Thereafter, decide the amount that you want to take in the form of Homeowner Loans.

Make a provision for repayments

Secured Homeowner Loans should be repaid in priority. Non-repayment may create undesirable circumstances. For this purpose, you can draw up a budget taking into account how your income and spending would give you a scope for repayment. It is always better to plan than to face the unexpected situations.

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