Here’s your Mortgage Crisis! Katrina, Fraud, what to do?

mortgage fraud

There’s been a lot of people asking about how the presidential candidates are going to keep people from losing their homes.
The story below is one of MANY in which borrowers falsified documents in order to obtain loans.

Please read it, then tell me why tax paying citizens should bear the burden for these bad loans?

“Robert Green had pleaded guilty in April to federal felony charges stemming from a scheme in which he prepared false tax returns attached to fraudulent home loan applications from as early as 2001

Before word of his guilty plea surfaced in December, Green had been championed by actor Brad Pitt to be among the first to receive a home through Pitt’s Make It Right program.”

More here:

Rent Back

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It’s not the government’s job to prevent people from losing theri homes.

It’s YOUR job to protect your home and those who live in it. If you’re too weak to do that, you don’t deserve a home of your own, and you might as well move back in with your parents.


People are losing their homes because they lied on forms, the banks didn’t ask for proof of income because they didn’t care, they were selling the loans.
They all were in this together, and the homeowners and banks should take the hit so they learn not to allow this again.


Many got screwed out of insurance, some to poor to have insurance in the first place and many STILL haven’t receieved help from the government, even if they’ve been working there asses off, it is still not enough.

And I love the people who think they know what they are talking about when it comes to New Orleans. Go off and listen to your fox news.

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