what’s a good debt consolidation company?

debt consolidation company

I have about 10,000 in debt i would like to consolidate. Any suggestions who would be the best company to go through?

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consumer credit counseling service [CCCS] a non-profit with branches in many US cities.


national foundation for consumer credit councelling
find help near your home at no cost or a couple of bucks a month- cheap.
They will guide you and tell you how to deal with the creditors.

You can do this yourself by:
going to your library or bookstore and looking up
credit repair for dummies or any books on debt

These services are horrible.
Some are negotiators and you can end up in court anyway.
And for that they charge you.
google the company name followed by the word complaint
most are so new (fly by night) that have no complaints.


The credit card debt consolidation option that will work for you depends on personal factors, such as the amount of debt you have, your current credit rating and how important that is to you, and whether or not you have equity in a home. If you are unable to get an acceptable unsecured loan, and you have no equity in a home, options such as debt settlement or credit counseling could be the way to go. Freedom Debt Relief is a legitimate and reputable company that you can opt for. They are TASC certified and run by 2 Stanford Business school graduates. I took their help to settle my debts, their debt reduction program helped me in reducing my debt amount to a great extent.

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