What is the best debt consolidation/reduction company?

debt consolidation company

I have researched and found all the negative things about these companies. But I need to know if anyone has had a positive experience, and which company it was with.
Don’t bother to post any warnings or advice about not using these companies.

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There is no ‘best’ debt consolitation/reduction company. The only way they can negotiate settlement of your credit card debt is for the account to be at least 90 days past due. That absolutely trashes your credit. More and more credit card companies immediately sue as soon as these settlement companies contact them.

If you’ve researched them, you should have found enough negative to see that it’s a really bad idea.


Me and my wife went for debt settlement program around a year ago with Debt Care USA and they did a brialliant jon as we saw our first debt settled in month 7 and 2nd in 10th month. So far so good, we have 1 more card that they are telling us will be settled in a month or two.. They are worth a call


If they don’t out right scam you, they are going to rip you off. Most require huge upfront fees – usually thousands of dollars, they tell you to stop payments to your creditors (which usually results in your creditors suing you) and they usually can’t negotiate with your creditors, because most credit card companies will not negotiate with such companies, only attorneys.


I used & work for GreenWise Financial. All you have to do is signup on their website, and you’ll get a personal debt counselor. But they do not offer loans, so if thats what you are looking for look elsewhere.


Here’s the deal: there is bad associated with any debt resolution program (credit rating will be bad for at least 3 years and you will likely get collection calls). There is also the obvious good (settle your debts for a discount, low monthly obligations, and being debt free fast).

You have to decide if the good outweighs the bad for your situation. If it does and then you decide to select a debt settlement company to get you debt free, you should find the best company. Get one that has been certified, is a member of an industry association (either TASC or USOBA), is a member of the BBB, and has been around long enough to have successful clients and good creditor relationships.

If you can afford to pay off your debts, then you should probably pay them off. If not, then debt settlement is a viable option to help pay off your debts at a discount and with a low monthly payment.


This is the best debt consolidation company in my view. If you wish you can take help of their experts on their site. There is FREE no obligation form on their site fill it out and get professional advice at no cost. The site is : if you wish and think that they have given you enough and satisfied information and solution for your problem, than you can go with them.

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