What is a good, reliable, honest debt consolidation service in Chattanooga, Tennesse?

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I need a credit counseling/debt consolidation service in Chattanooga that is reliable and honest.


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No such thing as a good debt consolidation service. Debt consolidation only gets you in more trouble in the long run. Check out all your options. Your situation may not be as bad as you think. Try for some guidance.


Give me a day and i will be able to help my Aunt lives right out of Chattanooga in Soddy daisy so i will call her and ask okay.

August 7th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Ask Dave Ramsey. @ daveramsey.com.
He will say gather up all of your debt. Start with the smallest debt and pay it off. Then you start on the next smallest and pay it off. This is called the “snowball” effect. cut up all of your credit cards. Call his show. He loves hearing people destroy their credit cards in differnt ways.
Go to his website. He can help. He’ll tell you to stay away from consolidation services.


stay away from them. Most if not all of these so called “Debt consolidation companies are scams. The charge a fee for something you can and should do yourself. What they will do is not pay your creditors for months and then try and settle for less. No magic. no special skills. They just dont pay them. they will usually settle for less because they are afraid that they will spend all that time and money taking you to court.Then you file bankruptcy or you just dont have the money so they cant get it.
Also, if you go with one of these companies and your creditors do decide to sue. They will sue you and not the company you hired.


Don’t go with credit solutions! they are a settlement company. I see that post on here all the time!
Check out Debt Counseling Corp. I used them –they are great. helped with a budget and getting me on a right path. I have a friend who lives in TN and he used them as well.

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