What are the Risks of Debt Consolidation?

debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is not such wonderful solution as it may seem. There are many consequences implied in undertaking a debt consolidation program that can really affect your finances and credit situation for many years. And even though sometimes the only other solution is bankruptcy, you need to take many precautions before hiring the services of a debt consolidation agency.

If you think that debt consolidation will solve all your debt problems, you need to think again. It is true that debt consolidation can solve some terminal credit situations but that is mainly because things couldn’t be worse. Debt Consolidation can be very risky, if you are not careful enough when selecting your debt consolidation agency and you don’t control the things they do with your finances, you may end up in a worse situation than when you started.

When Should I Consolidate My Debt?

A debt consolidation program should be undertaken only if your debt cannot be refinanced any further. It is always better to refinance your current debt than to contact a creditor and tell them that you can’t repay your debt and you need to negotiate new loan terms or else you’ll have to file for bankruptcy and he may never recover his money (This is what debt consolidation is, to make things clear).

Though most lenders will agree to new terms, the approach that debt consolidation implies will destroy your ability to get finance in the future. For a long time, you won’t be able to get approved for a loan or credit card again without the aid of your debt consolidation agency.

Thus, only if your debt has become unbearable and you can no longer meet your monthly payments should you consider joining a debt consolidation program. Moreover, you’ll loose control over your finances, you probably won’t be able to use your credit cards and store cards anymore and you’ll have to learn to live by the day as all the efforts will go towards eliminating your debt.

Beware of Secure Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation agencies usually suggest that you take a debt consolidation loan in order to pay off your debt. The advantage of this kind of loans is that the interest rate charged is lower and that the repayment program is a lot longer. Thus your monthly payments will be affordable and you will recover a significant part of your income so you can save money, repay other debt or pay for necessary expenses.

However, on the dark side of these loans, the fact that these loans are secured implies that you are risking your home because if you fail to meet the loan installments, the lender can always recover his money by taking legal action and claiming the property. Secured consolidation loans are an excellent solution to combine with other forms of debt consolidation and obtain debt relief, but the risks involved should be considered carefully.

Choosing the Debt Consolidation Agency Carefully

There are many companies that have been working for many years in the financial industry and know how to provide consolidation services affecting your finances and credit score the least possible. But there are others with less experience that may ruin your credit score for many years during this process. And, sadly, there are even others that are nothing but scams. So, you should be extremely careful when choosing the company you are planning to work with.

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