Is it still better to pay off the debt myself or continue to work with debt consolidation company?

debt consolidation company

I have accumulated a lot of credit card debt due to an illness and loss of employment. The amounts I was paying became so large that I couldn’t afford to make the mimimum payments so I decided to seek a debt management company. This has been going on for a year, but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere because the interest rates continue to climb on the accounts I’m not currently paying on.

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The debt consolidation company I worked with was able to freeze the accounts so that the interest rate and money owed would not continue to climb….I think you need a better company to manange your debt. I went through a horrific divorce and with 2 boys and no child support the bills almost forced us to foreclose…..however, I was able to obtain a good consolidation company who saw us through; then when the divorce finally was over (5 1/2 years later) I was able to refinance and pay everybody off. Good luck.


Because your debts were from midical problems. This debt consoladation company will you on the line as long as they can.
Chapter 11 would probably your best way out under current
bankrupcy laws.


Work with a company. My husband and I worked with a company in Des Moines, Iowa called Consumer Credit. It was the BEST thing we ever did! July of 2002 we went to them and by October of 2005 we were out of credit card debt! In November of 2005 we were able to move into a new home, bigger than our two bedroom bungalow we lived in for 5 years.

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