is it possible to add traffic tickets to a debt consolidation program?

debt consolidation

I am about to go nuts, I am in very serious debt and to add to it i have outstanding traffic tickets. I was considering debt consolidation but what I’m wondering is if i can add the tickets to the debt consolidation plan?
Only serious answers please.
Thank you for your time.
that is what I am afraid of .. warrant ..
of course i will pay for the fines in full. If i am allowed to put the tickets in a debt consolidation program then the fines will be paid in full because the debt consolidation program pays for everything and then you pay them.

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Sure, but you still have to pay those fines in full. Otherwise….does the word warrant mean anything to you?


MOST debt consolidation companies are scams. The COURT won’t talk to the legitimate ones.


Chpt 13,,,,,,,,,,
You can repay the fines in there and the other debts go bye bye–
“debt cons —is a joke !!


No. Student loans, child support, traffic violations, all these you cannot wish away with a debt consolidation program, which is mainly for credit card debt, personal loans and a few other types of unsecured debts.

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