I went with a debt consolidation company and still received a summons from a creditors?

debt consolidation company

i have proof of the fact that i’m dealing with a debt consolidation company and making the payments every month,it sounds naive,but, what would be the outcome in court,i can’t pay no more than what i’m paying right now to the debt consolidation program,due to divorce…,thanks,many thanks

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Debt consolidation is a big rip off,
I filed bankruptcy in 2002.
I had been with A debt consolidator prior and it gave me a bad slow pay, caused charge offs, and all kinds of bad credit headaches, they STOP NOTHING. They day you file for bankruptcy, your life changes for the better, do not be afraid….
bankruptcy allowed us to keep car and home.
Elimated all credit cards and medical bills and even payday loans. I recommend bankruptcy, you can get a credit card 30 days later and I have reestablished excellent credit since,
and it is like I never had a bankruptcy now.


Your creditors do not have to deal with this company because it is your debt. Debt consolidation companies are a scam. I would get out now. What they do is not pay your creditors for months and then try and settle for less. No special skills. They just don’t pay.
Also, If they don’t pay your creditors. You, and you alone are still responsible for the debt. Your creditors will sue you and not the company you hired.

The poster below me is wrong. You are in default. They can sue you for the full amount.


talk with your credit solutions because they usually apply the amount just to one retailer at a time tell them that each person you owe needs to receive some kind of payment with every payment you make as long as you send each creditor a payment they can’t file a law suit


You don’t need the debt consolidation company.. You can do it yourself better.


Did they agree, in writing, to work solely with the debt consolder? If not, there is no reason they could not press their suit. You may have to get a second job to help pay extra towards old bills.

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