I Can’t Tell If My Debt Consolidation Company Is Legit – What Should I Do?

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I’m in a little bit of financial trouble and have decided to consolidate my bills. After a few calls to a few of the different companies that offer debt consolidation, seems to be the the most legit. I have yet to sign anything, because since this is such a serious matter, I wanted to do a bit of research on the company.

Turns out my payment is supposed to go to a PO Box in Long Island, but the Law Firm that will be representing me is actually located outside of Ft Lauderdale, FL. Now, first, the PO Box kind of sounded fishy to me, but then the fact that they don’t mention the fact that they’re actually in Florida.. I had to do a search on Google to find that out. And, I did a search on the New York and Florida Better Business Bureau websites, and they’re not registered.

My simple question is, are most debt consolidation places like this? I just don’t want to get involved in a company that could possibly be a scam.

Also, I don’t need a speech on not consolidating or whatever.. I’d like to do this, I just need to know if the company I’m going through is really reputable.

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I don’t know about the company that you are talking about, but I have known people who used a company called “Novadebt”, and they are legit. And I was told they are also very nice to deal with, not making you feel bad for having problems.


They are fine.


I am in the same boat. If you go to the Better Business Bureau website which is you can check them out there to see if they have been any complaints filed against them. Also if you look under the city or state you are in there are some companies that are nonprofit that will help you for free. I am researching this myself. If I am already having fianancial problems why do I want to pay someone money already can’t afford to pay to help me? That, I don’t understand. Usually if a company isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau they are new or they haven’t had anyone file a complaint against them. Good luck. I hope you get your troubles resolved.


Why don’t you contact Consumer Credit Counseling Services?

They are a free service that works with your creditors and lowers your monthly payments as well as your interest rates. I used them several years ago and was completely out of debt in 36-months.

Never pay for a service if you can get it for free.


It is very stressfull and time consuming but if you can do it yourself its the best way. All these companies do is negotiate a settlement with each of the creditors for pennies on the dollar, and they charge you a fee to do that. If you just contact them and show good will to pay your debts you can settle them for less.You will still have due dates for the multiple payments . Just put them at a comfortable time of month.

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