has any one used a debt consolidation company before? Or known anyone to use one?

debt consolidation company

I have reached the point where I must pay off all my debt, or at least most of it. It is hurting my business, and I feel like I constanly have a huge monkey on my back. I need to find a good, honest company to help me consolidate and reduce my debt so I can move on with my life. Any help??? Please?.
thanks for taking the time to read this.

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I have been going thru CCC (Consumer Credit Counseling) for two years now. I know it’s awful having so many bills and so many rude people calling and demanding payment. There was a start up fee and then they just started deducting so much every other week. I’ll be finished in November, thank goodness! You should look into it, it definitely takes a weight off your shoulders because you just see the progress ya know? You’re not writing checks and balancing who gets how much. Good luck!


But beware, credit cousiling companies are generaly ripoff artists.
You don’t have the luxury of experimenting with these people.
The last few years I have taken matters into my own hands with great results.
Consolidate your own debt. It is difficult to offer you options without knowledge of your particular situation. CCC’s don’t cosolidate, they just negotiate with your creditors. You still have all the creditors reporting.
I could probably help you if you wish. Feel free to contact me.

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