Credit card debt consolidation companies, Anyone know of a good one?

debt consolidation

I’ve become over whelmed with my credit card debt and I’m getting those phone calls because I’m missing payments and such. Anyway I’m looking for a credit card debt consolidation company that doesn’t screw people over, anyone know of any from experience or just know a good one?

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Be careful.
You are better doing this yourself.
First get a book called credit repair for dummies from your bookstore.
If not, call your local consumer credit councelling service (something like that). Look it up in your phone book, not the internet.

I’ve heard nightmares about debt consolidation companies.
Do your google research before considering these. Some are pure scams.


Most of these places are scams. Call you credit card companies and tell them that you are in danger of bankruptcy and you would like to work out an alternate payment plan. The regular customer service people usually can’t do this, ask for loss prevention. They will probably freeze your account so that you can’t use it anymore and then set up a payment plan. They want to avoid you being pushed into bankruptcy because then they lose their money.


I would not go to one of those specialized companies. Go to your trusted bank (or a credit union in your area) and apply for a debt consolidation loan. This is a loan that typically has a lower interest rate than the individual cards you carry, making this single loan a better trade than having multiple revolving accounts (i.e. credit cards). You get the loan and use it to pay off your cards, then you make just that one payment back to the bank. A regular old bank can do this and is likely more safe than some fly-by-night credit card consolidation company that you’ve never heard of. First try your own bank or some other local ones. Also try your local credit unions, as they sometimes offer lower loan rates and have higher approval rates. Go to to view loan rates in your area.

May 17th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

self help may B best.

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May 20th, 2009 at 11:42 am

Try they aren’t that bad (7% for me) and definitely quick.
The Idea is to find a loan at less interests than you pay now, and fixed interests.
Credit cards can have high interests so it shouldn’t be difficult to beat them, depending on your credit score.
Whoever you go with, you should always check if they belong to the American Bankers Association at or at least the the above people do.


when you go to these scammy companies you end up losing even more, reason is because whatever the consolidated you’ll have to claim on your taxes, so say you owed $30,000, Company consolidated it to $5000, your going to have to claim that 25,000 when you do your taxes. Its like you made $25,000 that year,

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123debtsolutions are a good firm, I know 1 or 2 people that are happy with their services.
Any they are reasonable, i.e. wont try to squeeze you

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