Any idea for debt consolidation up to 10 years?

debt consolidation

I have over $88K in credit cards. I went to debt consolidation program and my FICO score went high. My only problem, payment based on 5 years so my monthly payment so high. Do anyone know if someone can do debt conolidation but payments will be for 10 years? I don’t have any equity in my home to refinance

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Figure out how much you can pay each month and pay down the highest APR credit card the most each time. For the other cards, just pay the minimum. that will effectively produce the same result as a debt consolidation program


There are U.S. federal regulations that restrict most debt management plans to 60 months, however, some lenders and some credit counseling agencies are experimenting with “less than full balance” plans that permit you to pay off 60% of your debt in 5 years.

Ask your counselor if you qualify

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