How can i get a cheap car loan?

cheap loan

Im 16 just got a part time job and will be able to work full time this summer. I would like a $6000 loan for a 2000 S-10 with 27000 miles.

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Sorry to tell you, but there is no such thing as a “cheap car loan.’ By the time you pay it back, you paid almost double sometimes maybe triple the actual purchase price, due to interests!!! My advice is to buy it with cash.


Wait. Your going to work full time for 8 weeks while you are out of school. What about insurance. What happens to your income when you go back to school. The loan stays the same.
Your loan depends on your credit, your job history, your co-signer.etc etc..
I think you should speak to your parents or someone who can help you. Your equation does not add up. 16yrs old, part time, (able) to work full time (is it guaranteed) You would like a loan.. you should ask if your eligible for a loan.
Why is that S10 only 6000. With only air/pw windows/ pw locks it retails for more.. I want to know more about the truck.


You can work all summer, but you will not be getting a loan in any amount near close to that. In fact, you won’t get the loan at all, you have never established any credit before, you will need a cosigner at the very least. Start saving some money, quit dreamin’, and work hard. You’ll have that money in no time, if you have the drive to make it happen.


well do you got any credit line for a 16 year old chances are pretty slim so being able to borrow anything is unlikely

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