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payday loan

I’m looking for a loan of about $800 ASAP. I could pay it in full when I get paid in 12 days. I’m looking for a place online or in the Salt Lake area.

I know payday loans are a rip off, but getting evicted would cost me even more.

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I have secured loan with First Plus?

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secured loan problem

…..but their customer service is a disgrace

(1) Its variable rate of APR, which I accept, but WHY NOT REDUCE THE RATE WHEN THE BASE RATE GOES DOWN ?

(2) Had had an emergency that cost me £500 so I asked for a payment holiday to get back on my feet. They refused, but the person on the phone said “You need to pay or you will receive a re-posession order”

I accept that I am responsible for the majority of my debts because of previous problems. but why don’t these creditors help us out more ? With the Global Credit Crisis , surly its in their best inerests too, to help people to preven their COMPANIES from going down.
To respond to some of the answers already given.

(1) This loan was taken out after a relationship break up, and I am not complaining about the fact that is variable rate, I am simply pointing out that when rates go down, the cost goes down, as is the case with a Mortgage.

(2) I agree that it is too easy to get credit, but what I object to is the rudness that they used on the phone. I am still a “customer” and have right to customer service. Having debts does not make a person any less deserving of proper customer service.

(3) When my car developed a mechanical fault that was quoted at £1600, id imagine that very few people would have that kind of money tucked away.

(4) My lodger lost her job and was unable to pay rent…again, a situation out of my control, so please don’t judge me.
I do accept resposnibility for my debts but a number of UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES are what prompted me to call 1st choice.
All those of you who seem to be judging me, I only hope you never go through any difficulties outwith your own control.

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debt consolidation

I would like to get a debt consolidation loan for my outstanding debt from closed credit cards, old utility bills, etc

I have student loans, but I would like to consolidate them separatley and not through another loan.

Also, I have an auto loan, would the loan be able to cover that as well?

Please, real answers, and no opinions/judgements.

Thank You.

Quick Property Sale

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Is this Mortgage Fraud?

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mortgage fraud

A friend of mine is married but has not seen her husband in 4 years. He now lives in another county with his girlfriend. She just found out that he signed on a Mortgage with his girlfriend as a “Single Man” and on the Quit Claim Deed as an “Unmarried Man”. She has been asking for a divorce for 3 years now and just found this out. Does anyone know the recourse of this and because she lives in a “Community Property” state, is she entitled to either money or some of this property. I know she needs to see an attorney for a consultation. She just needs to know where to start and was it fraud on the Mortgage. I am sure the Mortgage Company does not know that he is still married and put down that he is unmarried and single. Please help!
If she doesn’t need an atty, then what does she do?
Packinrat… It is COUNTY NOT COUNTRY. thank you
O.K., seeing how this might NOT be Mortgage fraud, I know she may be responsible if he defaults. He lied saying he was single to get on the Mortgage. He probably thought she would never find out about this. Now, she is a nervous wreck and wants the divorce more than ever. She cannot afford an atty. What can she tell him in regards to what he did that was illegal?

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cheap loan

My wife and I live in Queensland. We are looking to buy our first home – in south-west Brisbane. We are in two minds: buy as cheap as possible (but possibly either a fairly old property or a newer but very small place on a tiny piece of land) or go for something nicer (newer with 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage on a bigger block) to maximise re-sale value in a few years’ time.

We really want to get on the property market asap but not have a loan hanging over us for 30 years and never get ahead.

The idea behind the older or smaller place is that as it is cheaper we should be able to pay it off quicker (or at least pay off a large portion before we are looking to move up the ladder in 4-5 years).

The idea behind the newer or bigger place is that although it is more expensive we would probably be happier living there and while we won’t make huge inroads into the mortgage in 4-5 years the capital growth should be greater as house prices climb.

Any suggestions/advice?

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secured loan problem

I have recently graduated from university and I am finding it difficult to make a break into the industry that I studied without possessing further practical qualifications. The problem that faces me is that I would like to attend a 4 month fastrack course which will give me all the extra qualifications required but I can not afford to do so without borrowing money. I realise that their is the option of a Career Development Loan, however I am looking for around £14,400 which is about £6,400 more than the CDL covers. My mother, who is a widowed housewife, owns our house outright (value of around £320,000) and has a steady income to keep herself going from capital in the bank. She is willing to back a loan for me using her house as a guarantee. My question is whether or not this is possible and with who? Many thanks.

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debt consolidation

Sometimes it is inevitable for many people who have families, to be under heavy debts. With the cost of living rising constantly, it becomes extremely important to manage one’s existing debts. This is where debt consolidation comes in. when one takes multiple loans from different creditors, at different rates of interests; it becomes difficult to manage them. A debt consolidation enables all of one’s existing debts to be consolidated into a single debt which can then be paid to only one creditor according to the a new terms and conditions of the repayment agreement.

Debt consolidation helps ward off many problems that one might face, these include harassing calls from the different creditors, compounding of the money owed to creditors and bankruptcy due to excessive loans. The rate of interest is also compounded in such cases. This is advantageous for the creditor, borrower as well as the third party involved that helps in the consolidation.

Category of debt consolidation loans: Secured and Unsecured

Secured debt consolidation is done against collateral. This collateral is generally property like one’s home. The rate of interest involved as such, is much lower than in other cases.

An unsecured debt consolidation does not involve collateral. The rate of interest is hence, much higher as the lender runs the obvious risk to his money.

Debt consolidation is available to all people, irrespective of their credit history. It is available even to people who might have filed for bankruptcy earlier.

Some of the advantages that debt consolidation provides are; the low consolidated interest rates, consequently easier repayment plans and lower monthly installments. It is an opportunity for people to improve their credit scores by paying their dues regularly. It saves the borrower the hassles and the humiliation that some creditors might put them through.

Debt consolidation is not effective only for people who are unable to pay off all their loans but also for people who are able to pay their debts. For such people debt consolidation makes their debts more manageable and organized.

The easiest way to apply for a debt consolidation is to look online. There are several companies that assist in debt consolidation and it is much easier to check the various interest rates that they might have to offer.

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homeowner loan

My sister has her mortgage with Bank of America. She swears she pays $40 a month for homeowners insurance – seperate from the mortgage check. I guess she sends State Farm a payment every month.
Have you ever heard of a mortgage where your payment is NOT included and escrowed?
Edit : Mikey loves to learn things………Thanks.
Edit : Mikey loves to learn things………Thanks.

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cheap loan

Tenants also can find a loan at cheap rate of interest and cost. This may sound unusual but it is true. However, for taking Cheap Loans For Tenant, one must first go through all the basic aspects of the loan.

Tenants must first of all know that where they stand in terms of credit rating. Lenders’ concern in making a loan deal is the risks involved in it and interest rate is decided accordingly. The less risk is a tenant the higher are his or her chances of getting loan at cheap rate. In other words a tenant must have excellent or good credit rating.

Before rushing to a lender, make sure that you have your credit report in hand for checking any errors in it. Lenders will first go through the report for assessing risks involved with you. So the payment details about you must be correctly mentioned in the report. You must also know your credit score which will enable you to find a deal at cheap rate.

Assessing a tenant for risks is essential because loans to tenants are made without collateral. Smaller amount is approved for 5 to 15 years of repayment duration. Cheap rate depends also on the borrowed amount. If the borrowed amount is less than your repaying ability than the lenders feel more assured about safe return of the loan and may reduce the rate.

Also note that cheap loans for tenant can be ensured from online lenders as they tend to cut rates for deserving customers for winning the business. Online lenders do not charge many additional fees on a loan. These fewer fees also are a way of making a loan cheap as the borrower saves lots of money this way. Tenants also should first compare different lenders to find out their rates. An extensive comparison can lead to a suitable deal.

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How does a secured loan work?

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secured loan

I’m looking to start up a business, and borrowing money from my dad. He has the liquid, would a secured loan be good or a business loan?
10k loan, he has the funds I just need it for 6 months or less. It will be paid in full then.

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